Attention All Fishermen Bass, Crappie!!!!

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    Attention all fishermen, bass, crappie, bluegill, cats, etc.!!!! This is a little different post for me, but would like to talk alittle about how fishermen drown each year. I have been fishing for many years on a river that is very dangerous at times, and sometimes even more dangerous than most rapid people pay money for to tube with an experienced guide! You add debis to fast current and you have an unsceen problem! You darkness to the equation, another problem! You add those with someone not real familiar in the fog, NOT GOOD! This is why I preach daytime scouting before a night trip. Not saying even the most experienced locals can't have a problem including myself, but it is essential for safety! Fishermen drown each year from a variety of ways... High water, year after year is a contibuting factor. Not all fishermen that drown are older fellows, drunk, or people with health conditions, or can't swim! People that swim great, in shape, and sober die every day from the simple flow of water! I myself have had to be helped back in a boat before in area I thought was semi-safe! Lets not confine this to strictly river fishing either. People drown in a few feet of water every year also in such places like private ponds, strip ponds, small lakes, streams etc. One thing most people overlook esp. when fishing, or for recreational purposes in ponds etc. is these often have some sort of aquatic grass or algae growing in them in the warm water months! Grass and algae when swimming or a float tube fisherman can be very dangerous. This stuff is thick enough, most of the time you can't shake free of often becoming more worse the more you fight it:wink:.. Most people don't consider a clean looking area to swim a problem, but after that there is one... I'm looking forward to some other positive posts from those who have considered the hidden dangers as well. I'm just touching a subject that needs more attention and facts sent to save more innocent lives each year. I hope to get responses from this.... goodfishing, but be safe....rollo
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    This is something that is no laughing matter. I was on a float trip one time and had to be rescued. We had stopped for lunch on a sandbar. I was stand in a riffle with my friends and they walked off when the current washed the gravel out from under my feet and down river I went. They had to jump in and save me. That was the scariest moment in my life. So please don't take the water for granted. Just be careful and remember to wear your life jacket while your on the water. You don't plan on drowning thats why they are called accidents.

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    Another great Informative post Rollo!!! Thank You!!! 5 Star Rating for the Great Info!!!:wink::big_smile::cool2:
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    a lot of people like to jump in water either from a boat or off should always check the waters first,you never know what might be under there waiting to impale you.
    always know your limits,i was trying to be a wise butt along time ago,and almost didn't make it back across the rock quarry i was swimming across.

    my dad was a diver for the civil defense,he went out looking for people who drowned in swift water,people who fell and hit their heads on rocks,you always have to be careful,no matter how many times you have done something and no matter how safe you feel with only takes that one time of ignorance or over confidence to do ya in.
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    Great reminder rollo. Ill never forget the morning I lauched my boat on the Ohio and it was so foggy I couldnt see a barge @ 10 yards from us. :crazy: Its horn scared the crap outta me. We stayed in sight of the ramp until the sun burnt off the fog.
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    This is straight from the boating manual.

    Swimming Prohibited

    No person shall swim, bathe, dive, or wade from any watercraft in Ohio state park water except in officially designated boat swimming areas.
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    Good information Rollo. Keep shouting from the hills.
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    Great thread bro!

    If you ever are caught in a bad situation, always try to keep your feet headed downstream. It is easier to bounce of an obstruction with your feet.

    If you swim for shore, do not fight the current or try to get straight across. Quarter yourself at an angle and let the water help you.

    Be extremely careful in 2-3 feet of fast water. Slide on you butt, feet first to water less than a foot deep. 2-3 feet of fast water has the power to sweep you off your feet and the power to pin you to an obstruction.

    If you are going to attempt to help someone be extremely careful. A drowning man will take you down. If at all possible get a rope, or a pole or something. A lot of people die trying to assist another.

    Be safe!
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    also sand pits are dangerous i almost lost my son in one last year when the sand gave way be carefull with sand its not very sturdy
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    great post rollo, i love to fish, but have a fear of boats.
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    Good info Rollo, BTW we had 2 drownings here in the last month from canoers, 1 tried to help others and went under, another got stuck on a strainer, anyways, I have waded a thousand miles probably in my day and have had 1 really scary close call and another thatwas really scary, both times, over estimated what i thought I could handle, ( Young, cocky and stupid played a large part of this) as I gotten older I certainly remember these instances and it has stopped me from crossing in some bad places and I am thankful it did when i remember back and there was noone else around. Hows this for stupid, on my honeymoon in Colorado, I made a crossing that took me about 30 minutes to get across a 30 ft stream, heavy current, large boulders, stomach deep water, mountain stream about 20 minutes from the road. worst part was when I got across, I walked a mile in each direction to find a better place to get back across and there wasnt any, I had to cross back in the first place, scary was an understatement.

    We older folks do tend to get wiser as we are always at least smart enough to learn from our mistakes....:wink: You young un need to always think things through before you leap...

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    Wadding one time I barely made it out of a gravel sinkhole that occured after a heavy flow. The more I moved the futher I sank, like quicksand, so thanfully I remembered the training I recieved and layed out flat and eventually was able to break the suction. Rivers change after heavy rains or flooding and the bottom has not yet settled into it's new resting place. The aformentioned experience was approx. two weeks after some flooding we had, and I had wadded that area on numerous occasion prior to the high water and it was solid gravel area then.