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Discussion in 'LOCAL GEORGIA TALK' started by Creteus, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Creteus

    Creteus New Member

    Loganville, GA
    Is there any members in the Atlanta area? Seems like we need to up the Georgia count of members. Need A fishing partner. I've only fished once this year and it was for 2 hours at the GA gathering. Time seems to slip away and work takes over. I need to get some time in on the lake. If theres anyone out there that knows a good spot and wants to fish let me know.
  2. Catnewb101

    Catnewb101 New Member

    Marietta, Georgia
    Remember me? well anyways seems ur in a little slump, ummm...try some areas out of your county like go to cobb county or a different spot in rivers. i know some spots in cobb. or you could try fishing in alatoona or you can try lake matthews in Brightwater.

  3. BassMassey

    BassMassey Well-Known Member

    hey creutus.......I live out in Dacula........there is a good spot down the road from me, although it is a *******. It's the only real opportunity around here to hook into a huge flathead or blue. Last time I went i hooked into a nice blue and about a 25 or 30 # flattie. I might go this Friday and your welcome to come if you like. I even have a good spot to catch bait and it's only a few miles from the spot. Just post back here or pm me if you're interested.