At Cataract Lake in Indiana this weekend

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Brushy Bill Roberts, May 30, 2006.

  1. Brushy Bill Roberts

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    Spencer Indiana
    I went to the Cunot ramp and paddled my canoe to the lower falls.
    I camped on a huge sandbar just down stream from the falls. I caught many many carp. The largest was only around 15 pounds, but it was a blast!
    Caught a few channel cats.
    Saturday morning, I took my canoe up closer to the falls. There is a rock cliff on the north side of the falls that had a large cutout section in it.
    The eddy that formed in this cuttout kept my canoe up against the wall. I caught crappie non stop for over an hour and a half.
    My hands were sore from holding the fish while removing the hooks.
    It was one of the very few times I got "tired" of catching fish.
    I went back to the sand bar and threw out a couple of carp poles and tried to eat a sandwich, the carp kept two poles very busy, no monsters, but alot of hard fighting fish.
    It took me about two hours to paddle from the ramp up to the falls, it is in a "no wake" section of the lake. I saw several deer, blue herrons, cranes and several beaver. One beaver had to weigh 50 - 60 pounds, it was huge.
    It was a great weekend "get away" indeed.

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  2. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Mike,Glad you had a good weekend. I was headed to catarac sat. nite .notice the was headed. The catfishlemonmobile let me down again.Now it is either the trany or the transfercase I don't know yet. Man i am tried of working on the pice of s**t car. It is ruining my fishing season.

  3. Brutom

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    Cumberland Indiana
    Sounds like a really enjoyable experience!

    If you're gonna get tired and sore then thats the way to do it.
  4. yellerbelly69

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    hey now iv heard that story before. me and a buddy fished beside you that night down at gosport u caught that big ass gar.