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    If anyone fishes down around vevay indiana on the ohio. Could you tell me the best time, in the warmer months, to fish, around the markland dam, or above it? Also most of my rigs are 7 foot rods, shakspear I think and just cheap zebco 888s, some open face cat reels with 15 to 20 lb line. what's the best size hook to use for flats besides circles, never had much luck with em. I like the octopuss hooks. I cant get live bait to live for the ride down (about two hours south) and have trouble with the castnet but this year I've caught some large river carp and froze them Gonna cut them up when I get there. About how big should I cut the bait? And how big will my rigs hold up to, I fgure 30 40 lbs with the drag set right hopefully. Any info would be appreciated thank you
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    I dont know anything about the vevay area so I cant help you. I use normally a 7/0 and 8/0 gamma circle and octopuss hook but I would go up to a 10/0 if you are using large chunks of bait. The team catfish double action hook are good also. Try using bluegills for bait as well, flat heads love them. We use hole and cut bait, we have most luck on cut though. You will have to experiment with the size of your bait, sometimes it doesnt matter and at times they are picky. I try to keep at least one pole at at all times with a large chuck of bait and another one with a much smaller piece rigged. You can learn different techinques to throw a cast net by watcing you tube videos on the computer, thats how we found the best way for us. Your rigs should be fine for most catsifhing but I would recommend on heavier gear and line if you are after the big boys in the Ohio. Remember the state record blue cat was caught down on the ohio and it went 104 lbs. Good luck and hope this helps you out.