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Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by TX Fisherman, Apr 3, 2007.

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    does anyone know any buyers for the asain turtle market? i trap the turtles and sometimes eat em but most of the time just kill em and keep there shell... but i heard about asain turtle markets... anyone know of any buyers and prices? i figure i trap em to keep em from eatin my fish, so why not make some money off em
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    I have experience importing turtles/tortoises and am very familiar with the process. As you said, you would be better off finding an exporter who specializes in this, of which I don't know...exporting laws require specialized packing/boxes, vet checked, Air freight only, Fish/Wildlife fees, minimum animal sizes, broker fees (required to handle paperwork by law if over 1000$ value on shioment-something like that). It's very expensive.

    Softshelled turtles and others are being raised by the zillions in Asia for the food market, would be hard to compete with them. Best money would be made by selling to a processor here, let them pack and ship the meat, more money in that i think!

    There are guys like me around who buy certain turtles , certain sizes for our farms as breeders (I produce them mostly for the pet trade). PM me and I'd be happy to discuss it with you or anything else)...



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    Kevin, first, call the TPWD and make sure that selling turtles is legal.
    If legal, then find the neighborhood Asian supermarket and see if they would like to buy the whole live turtle, on an as caught basis. That way, you'll want have to worry about long time storage, keeping a quota or preparing the turtle meat. Unless you can have a way to keep the turtles alive for a weekly delivery.
    Ain't sure what the Asians favored turtle is, but I would guess snapper and softshells would be the preferred eating turtle. You need to find that out. If you're not catching the right species, why bother. Plus, you might be able to sell some red ear sliders to them for pets.
    Plus make sure you can properly ID the turtles, don't want to sell one that could be state or federally protected by mistake.

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    keep us posted on ur success, i'd be interested in hereing about it.
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    Send me one I like turtle gumbo!:big_smile:
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    the largest exporter of turtles to asia in texas is a guy named bob popplewell in weatherford, texas. he owns the snake farm in santos, texas right off the brazos river. he buys all your turtles but you have to join his co op which is like 200 bucks or he wont buy them from you. he sells traps, and shows you how to keep them alive. also you can no longer trap any turtles in public waters which includes resevoirs, rivers, and creeks anymore in the state of texas, however, you can trap as many as you want for commercial purposes in private lakes and ponds as long as you have a hunting license and a nongame permit, and you must sell them to a licensed buyer which is bob popplewell.

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    A few months ago a lady wanted to buy some small red slider turtles from my pond.

    I called the Oklahoma Wildlife Department and was told that to sell or buy any water turtles in Oklahoma you needed a state permit.

    I gave the lady eight red slider turtle eggs, and she went away happy!

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    Hey Old Bill, That's Cool. Jim