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    This year was a limited year for me, I did not do any duck hunting because it has been too nice out which keeps the birds form moving, I did do more deer hunting this year and got a nice buck, then my area i hunt went south real quick. I only have waterfowl youth day event to do then i will be done for the this season. With that being said i am looking foward to getting back on the water looking for cats, I already have people asking me to go out and when i will be starting up again. I alway like fishing my local lake in Feburay I have alway had good luck with big cats there, bait may be a little hard to find but most times can locate them after a few throws of the net. This year i am hoping to hit the yakin chain harder and land some of them big blues and maybe even a monster flathead, This last year was a great year i met many new friends and there wifes, I had a young man get hooked up with the biggest fish he ever caught, I had days that i could not even buy a cat while other days i could not keep the lines in the water, The last year here on the boc I saw many new names and taked to many of them in the chat room or had pm's form them asking about the local lake. The boc has been supportive of my programs and i thank them for it, This year will bring about some new rules for Oak hollow fishing torunament, Which I hope will make it grow bigger. I also hope to see more of my boc brothers and sisters here on the lake, if we have a gathering this year I encourage you to come and join in the fun and fellowship of other boc members.
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    I too have abandon fishing for deer hunting in Oct -Dec. I did not take a deer this year. I have gone to trophy only hunting. I have a son that did a good job filling the freezer with the two he killed. I did get out fishing a couple of times in December and very much enjoyed it. It is hard to beat a cold clear sunny day on the water.

    I have attached a picture of our post xmas hunting trip of my son and two 100+ lbs does

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    i wish you luck for hunting the cats!
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    Jeff thats exactly the same excuse Ive had for not fishing lately. But I think Im gonna get back on the water today for awhile. Gonna take a trip to Badin and see whats happenin up there. If ya need somebody to fish w/ in Feb. while your llookin for those bigguns in OHL just give me a shout......Ill be happy to volunteer to help ya reel em in. Ive been searchin for some stainless rod ya but cant seem to find anything under 3/4". If I come across something Ill let ya know.