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    Thinking about flatheadslayer's comments on fishing the Chattahoochee near Franklin GA, I did the old Google map recon of the area. My guess is that because it's sort of the head waters of West Point lake the fish are pulling up in that area up from west point lake, looking for nice snacks coming down river.

    So using the same logic:cool2:, I keep on the google map recon and started looking at the flint river, in particular the area right above Blackshear Lake. That would be the Hwy 27 / Vienna Rd. area. I am thinking (since I ain't fishing) that the same idea that seems to hold true at Franklin, may hold true here as well. That is this may be a good area simliar to the Franklin area.

    What do you all think?

    Sure was nice to see that blue thing up in the air... what's it called oh yea, blue skies!

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    Shelbyville, TN
    That map recon is always the best place to start on new water! I like your theory and hope you get to put it in action soon

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    your right about the river above blacksheare,where it bottle necks down is some good fishing.another reason the fishing above franklin(i fish some in franklin,mostly about another 12 river miles up)is so good is because a lot of the places on up are real hard to get best places you have to be willing to saccrifice a prop,or even maybe getting a hole in your boat if your not careful.i've found the more isolated an area the better the fishing.
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    I think it's definitely worth a shot. When I fish any new lake, one of the first places I'll check out is where the main river comes into the lake, and on up in the river some 'till you get into some current :big_smile:.