arrows ?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Cat_Catcher29, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Cat_Catcher29

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    McKinney, Tx
    ok im new to bows completely.. plz hlp if willing =]
    what type of arrows yall use
    the heads.. grain.. type carbon? wieght so on

    hlp is apperciated ^^
  2. flathead willie

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    It mostly depends on the weight of your bow. Arrows are "spined" for a certain weight range. Carbon, aluminum, wood is a personal choice since they all work well with the right bow. For hunting, a heavier arrow will penetrate better then a light one at the same speed and distance. It all comes down to kinetic energy at the target which is determined by speed/weight. A faster bow can achieve the same kinetic energy with a lighter arrow then a slower bow does with a heavier arrow. You had asked about recurve bows in another section. Here is my personal choice for my recurves as well as my compounds. I shoot Easton XX75's, size 2117, 31 inch, four fletched with 5" feather (dry weather) or vanes (wet weather). They work well in all my bows. I shoot 145 grain broad heads because they do a great job even when they hit bone and almost all my shots are 25 yards or less so I never worry about trajectory. The best approach is to take your bow to a bow shop and shoot several different kinds of arrows and see which you like the best.

  3. katcatchingfool

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    i use gold tip 75-95 with 100 grain broadhead
  4. catmanofohio

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    well man, the best around here atm are Radial X Weave, 200s, they are about the same as Beaman 400's. My bow is set on about 60 lbs, and they are GREAT.. i also i have 2'' blazer fletchings, and shoot crimson tallon broad heads. the arrows w/ blazers are about 44.00, 30.00 for the broadheads.... good luck they are AWESOME totaly recommended
  5. STC T&F

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    Union, MO
    Beman ICS Camo Hunter 400's.

    I use 2.25"quickspin vanes, 29'draw at 60lbs with 100gr broadheads

    Shoot 255fps.

    Like said above, arrows must match you draw weight, etc...