arrg buggy I hate it

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    I hate it, I hate it more than seeing it. What i hate praytell that buggy feeling you get after you see a tick crawling on you. All night even after i take a long hot shower every little tickle makes me feel buggy. Today My son and i went to our deer hunting spot and loaded up the deer feeder. I bought some white suits that painter use and sprayed them with deep woods off. It took only a short time to get the feeder filled and salt block laid out. The jump suits worked well they are tyveck with the elastics cuffs and wrist bands. A little hot but it was better than look for ticks crawling on us, the white suits showed every little spot, we were tick free. The suits did have a few little ones crawling on them and that was enough to set me off. every time a hair moves on my arm or leg it freaks me out. My son gets freeked out with spiders no matter how small. this was funny as heck a small spider was hanging form a tree and he ran into it. he danced and screamed like a little know until i knocked it off. I guess ever one has something that freaks them out. I just wanted to share this with you all.
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    Two weeks ago when i was up at the lake, i walked thru some high weeds to get to a little hole i fish in during the fall, well i got home and found a little bitty tick latched onto me about an inch above my junk:crazy:, man i was holding mirrors and bending every which way searching after that lol

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    Strike a match and drop it in a Coca Cola. Drink it.
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    All the kids in the neighborhood decided to play in the tree house across the street last week. My child was in the house for 5 minutes before he went to shower and I found 3 or 4 on me!:angry: Little seed ticks too. Bout the size of a pin head. I bet he had hundreds on him.

    I must say, that trick with the liquid soap on a cotton ball works though. They come right out.

    Now I feel all buggy!!! Thanks.:angry:
  5. Catgirl

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    When I was a teenager my grandma's neighbor brought her some white sand from Brown Mtn. Beach. We dyed it different colors and sat outside under the pine trees all afternoon one day making sand art - Gran, my sis, and I.

    I found three ticks on me that evening when I took a shower, and told Gran about it. She must've been feelin' buggy when she went to bed......

    In the middle of the night, she woke up and felt a tick attached in her armpit. Never turned on the light, just grabbed that sucker and jerked. Then she noticed that there was an inordinate amount of bleeding, and couldn't figure out why. She switched on the lamp, and realized she'd pulled a mole clean off. Ouch! :smile2:
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    I'm the same way ,Jeff. Every time I go fishin in OK ,I get covered up in chiggers and seed ticks. I always douse myself in high % DEET too guess they just like my white hide :smile2:
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    Sargents Flea and Tick shampoo(yes the stuff made for dogs) will keep them off. Shower with it, wash your hair with it, just don't get it in your eyes. Not only keeps the ticks away but leaves your hair shiny and managable :smile2:
    Seems to help keep mosquitos away too.
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    Jeff just so ya know ticks are attracted to white :eek:oooh: