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    Original post made by Arlan Potter(Arlanj) on August 6, 2003

    All this talk of rod holders. We make our own. Basically up to a 3 ft. steel rod or angle iron. (Rod is easier to clean off the mud) Weld on a coulple of rings, either 2 inch pipe rings, or 1/4 rod circled. Cheap(usually scrap steel) and easy to make, last forever, Can use a sledge hammer if the ground is super hard or rocky. Usually you can just force them in.

    These holders are designed to hold a 10-15' rod straight up, and not ever get pulled over. You can sleep at night knowing the rods will stay put.

    By the way, there was another post regarding using bells. When the wind is not blowing in Oklahoma(rarely) we use what I call sheep bells, about a 1 1/2" copper bell with a wire hook to hang on a line eye about 2/3 the way up the rod. You can hear it ring a hundred yards away. Forget those clip on tinkle bells. If you are close enough to hear it you can see the fish hit. We fish in the winter so noone is around to hear it but us. These bells work good with the rods standing straight up. When a big cat hits, the rod will rap a few times ringing the bell pretty good. When we get there the line will be slack, We simply remove the bell, tighten the line and wham, we reel in the bulligator cat.

    Let winter time come.