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    any one on here fish the ar river where it dumps into the miss river i have always wanted to fish there any tips:tounge_out:
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    welcome to the boc. the arkansas is rolling right now becareful at the confluence

  3. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    No, sorry. But we generally have a gathering at Wilbur Mills dam every summer. That's the last dam on the Arkansas before it hits the Mississippi. But it's a looong run from there down to the Miss.
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    Lonoke, AR
    Richard, we fish there pretty regular. We put in on the White River at the end of the canal that connects the White and Miss. Go through Tichnor headed south on Hwy 44, follow signs to Trusten Holder/White River Refuge. Pass the Wild Goose Store and turn left heading parallel down the canal. There's a nice big double boat ramp at the end 4 miles down. Right now the parking lot is underwater though from the flooding. It should be OK in the next week or two. I'll keep you posted on that as we go there pretty much every weekend. It's about a 25 min boat ride with a 30 hp and a 15 min ride with a 60 hp. At the confluence of the White and Miss is the new Montgomery Point L&D. They have underwater gates, so if he rivers are high you don't have to lock through. When you get there, look at the digital sign on the lock and it will tell you to either "navigate channel" or "navigate lock." If it says to navigate channel, just hang to the left and keep on going, you'll be on the Miss. If it says navigate lock, you'll have to pull the cord to sound the horn and lock through. One tip...the cords you have to pull are really stiff. We wrap a boat paddle handle aroud them and yank really hard. Keep yanking until you hear the horn. We always go downstream from there. There are a lot of dikes on the right that are usually good for skips and we do pretty good around them for catsifh. The old White river channel is back there too...pretty good for crappie. There are maps available on the internet that will help you out. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you a link. From Montgomery Point to Rosedale is really really good on the AR side. The Mis side is mostly sand and deep water and not much cover for cats. One other thing, don't go upstream from Montgomery Point unless you have a big boat with deep sides. The river narrows a lot in the first turn you come to and there are a lot of deep swirling eddies with VERY stiff current. If you do go that way, be sure and hang to the rght side as much as possible because that is the most dangerous turn on any river I have ever been on.
    Hope this helps.