Arkansas River

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    nephew( hotrod 98) and i fished the river below lock #16 thursday . not much current, plenty of bait though, we boath got off unplanned so it was a quick trip. we fished from the bank . the recent rains , left a lot of debris on the banks. so wwe had to walk to our spot. we fished from 9am to 5pm , we cought 25 fish 1 channel 8lbs the rest were blues 2/ 7 lbs they were slow seemed to bite in spurts . the blues were not as lean as they were last month when the water was high. but still below normal weight. water was cool, we missed the morning bite, also missed a lot of fish 4/5 . we were a little ancy at first , because we have not had much time to fish this year. have to fix that. all in all good trip not to hot ,good eaters . great company. great day on the river. after we got there we wished we had taken a boat. they were setting in the yard ready to go just did'nt want to pull them 150 miles. lol