Arkansas river at murry lock

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    Cypress Bayou, ARKANSAS
    did a lil scot fishing yesterday at the littlerock hydo plant located at the murry lock and dam site.did a good bend test on the new st.clar 15 ft surf ride, these poles are very good for snagging, tested on 85 ibs test of monofilment line and could not break the line with pole and couldnt break rod. as far as fishing had a few bites but no fish, fished with night crawlers and shad. seen alot of people catching drums, and carp.saw one lady with her family with i think 4 small channels under 2 ibs.
    next report will be on my ponds.
    next report , ward lake
    nect report, minton lake.
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    Thanks for the report, I hope you are able to give a report from ole Tops's fishing hole.