Arkansas Members, Help me!

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    Arkansas members, I would like for all of you to help me make Arkansas the strongest state at the National, Let us rally around the Arkansas flag and show how we pull together to make this gathering the best ever. It will be hard to beat Kentucky and Tennessee due to the fact the are much closer than us but I think we can do it. I would like to thank Akwolf, squirtspop,Tinboat,Cntryboy and anglekitty, olefin and his wife, gardenhawk and her husband, my wife Venita for helping make the last National gathering a huge success. The 6 hour drive for me was well worth it. There will be Nice door Prizes given away, those rods given away at the last one was very nice.

    Talk to your Bosses,get the time off,save your money,help me make this gathering a great success.

    p.s. Tinboat will not make this one, He will be there in my heart. Rest-in-Peace buddy!
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    Kenai, Ala

    Ole Buddy sign me up as I will be there if I am still livin. LOL


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    We plan to be there. :big_smile:
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    Yep, I'm with Gene on this one Top. Wife wants to come on this one. Maybe we can pair em off and we can go fish.

    Also if any of you Arkies or anyone else needs a tent, I had one, bought 5 more at an auction. A few are just one room big enough for 2 people but the rest have a central room and attached rooms at each end if you happen to bring the kids along. More than welcome to use.

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    Benton, Ar
    Top - You can count on Angelkity and Cntryboy to be there. And as the last one went, we will dragg as nmany of the Jerry trew bunch with as as we can. I know we can make this happen Folks. Below are some of my suggestions for us to pull this off!

    1. Save cans, and any other scrap metal. Put that loose change in a jar labeled International #1

    2. Plan that time off in advance. Save some of that Vacation time for this event. You won't regret it!!!

    3. Carpool. There are plenty of folks that life close enough to each other in this state. If you got room, then invite someone in the Boc to fill that space! This could be a very effective approach. You can share the expense!

    4. Share a site! If you know that you are not gonna have the max # of people, tents, motorhomes allowed on a site. Then invite a fellow Arkansas member to camp with you. You can split the cost there also. That way it is cheaper on both parties behalf!

    These are just a few suggestions. If i have the room, then any Arkansas member living close to me or on my way, is more than welcome to join us and ride up with us. They are also welcome to stay on our site with us, and split the cost.

    Let's pull together and show our support. I will have my Arkansas Flag Flying as well as a BOC Flag(If i can find one).