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  1. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    What's new going on in Arkansas? I haven't noticed any new posts. Been out once so far and that was last Wednesday. Caught 8 or 9 channels that would go around 2 pounds and 1 that was an 8 pounder. Got them in about 3-4 feet of water at the edge of a creek channel dropoff on shrimp.
    Worms produced a couple of small gills and chicken livers never produced.
    These were all from a small lake in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas in north central Arkansas.
  2. Steve W

    Steve W New Member

    I fished pretty hard the last two weekends.
    last week I fished in a boat below lock and dam #5
    there 3 gates open out of 15. we fished the flats below the dam
    in the current and on the edge. up close to the dam at the 100 yard sign
    and back down as far as the lock channel entry. We used cut fresh shad on
    a carolina rig with 3oz sliding sinker and 4-0 hooks. We caught one 2lb blue,
    1 stripper, several drum. The next day we fished the dikes below the dam, fishing the river side of the dike and the holes at the end of the dike. We caught nothing all day. Yesterday I fished below Emmitt Sanders Lock and dam #4. Same technique, fished exclusively in the flats below the dam. We fished in the current, next to the cuurent, and out of the current, close to the dam and at 100 yard interval down stream. We caught drum all day long
    some of the biggest and ugliest drum I,ve ever seen. Only One blue maybe a pound in size that I released at the end of the day.I going to suck it up and go back out next weekend, but things have been slow in this transition period between Winter and the pre-spawn. Good luck, and good fishin

  3. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    We just finished the Huxtable meet, not much biting there, two were coaught but we did visit and I was able to meet members that I had only tlked to on line. We fished the Mississippi where the St. Francis goes in, the St. Francis and the Langee river(spelling) did have a bad storm blow through Saturday night late, made camping interesting. I am sure one of the others will come in with a much better post about it.
  4. I_try

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    Central Arkansas
    Fished on Lake baily in petit jean mountain today, no luck though. usually catch a bit of crappie on black and yellow jigs.
    tryed for catfish too, only had worms. . . no luck either.:sad:
  5. fisherdude

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    Saturday afternoon I fished for a few hours below the dam behind Lake Dardanelle. I caught one 4 lb blue on cut skipjack - thats all. I was close enough to the dam to see what was being caught from the bank, and I saw several very small cats being caught. Nothing over 2 lbs. When I took my boat out, a camper came over and talked to me, he said he had been there in the campground and had only caught a few small cats.

    There was no generation while I was there.
  6. Arkie55

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    I have not had a chance to get out yet. My local river is still running pretty high but it's low enough to fish. I just need to find the time to hit the river. I sure wanted to make the trip down to Huxtable and fish with the BOC brothers but just didn't have time to make the trip. Maybe next time.