Arkansas Blues Source Needed

Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Mac-b, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I have a friend, Tim Mead, who is looking for someone with a lot of knowledge about Ark Blues from Arkansas. He has been hired to write an article for a national publication and would like to e-mail someone some questions about this species. If interested send me a PM with your name and an e-mail address and I will give the info to Tim. Thanks, Mac

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    Sounds good! Be even better if he could make a fishing trip to Arkansas and do a video/documentation on them!

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    Mac , i sure wish i could be of help to you but there is so many more people that is more knowlagable than i on the species themselfs. All i can tell you is when i hit the river it is the blue catfish that i go after, I have caught the channel , flat head and the blue catfish , and it is the blue catfish that i prefer to go after. There is no other catfishish that will put a fight on like the blue . Alot of people prefer the flathead but the blue is # 1 for me hands down. Just my opinion . But hey if your friend wants to hit the Arkansas river and try to hunt some Arkansas Blue Cats up just let me know , Im game and will let him know what i can.