Arizona flathead catfish spawn

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    well since we might be getting close to the end of fall fishing, (well a month or so off) I was really wondering HOW & WHEN AZ fkatheads spawn. I do not know anyything about these cats during the spring but really want to know. Do they go upriver, find a flat or what? When do they come out of the winter slum? And what is the HOTTEST time of the year?:cool2:
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    Here is the best info that I can pass on to you. I am sure that others could give you some better details than I could.

    As far as Roosevelt, I have heard that the flatheads will make a run up the river around late May and early June to spawn. The only thing is that I have never really had luck trying to catch them during this time. I often wonder if sometimes they feed in the lake before running upstream. I have been fishing on the river and see flatties during the day come up to the surface (just like a whale) and then go back down to the bottom. At night, you were lucky to even get a bite. Maybe it is just me, but I have struggled to get much reaction out of them in the spring.

    I have also heard that they flatties will migrate up the river during the late spring and then go back in the fall. The more I fish, the more I am doubting that theory. I think it is that the flatheads end up working upstream during high water periods, feeding on stuff coming downstream. As well, I feel that most of the flatties in the lake stay in a general area and don't make a normal migration route. That is just my thought. I do know that they typically spawn around late May and early June. I am guessing that the best time to fish for them in the spring is during the month of May. Typically they will feed heavier prior to spawning.

    I think for most of Arizona flatheads typically spawn during this time, except for the few in Northern Arizona...which may not spawn at all because the water temps never get high enough!!