Are you ready for spring fishing?

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    Were not far from spring time fishing again. Yes in 6 to 8 weeks the spring time fishing will start up in the south. And work north. So are you stocked up and ready to tackle that big blue cat? Or that flathead of the lifetime?

    Do you have the hooks for the Job? We have sickle hooks if you have not given them a try. You have no ideal what your missing out on.

    We also have double hook rigs for sale. And can tie up about any size you need.

    Do you have a pair of fish grips? If not we have them in 4 different colors. From Orange, Blue, Green & Glow in the dark. The glow in the dark ones. If left out in the sun for a few hours. Will still be glowing when your done fishing.
    Or how about brackets to put your dipnet in? We have them also. Along with a knee protector for the trailer hitch ball on your truck. Keep from doing like Bill Dance and killing your shin on the trailer hitch ball LOL

    How about Slip floats? We have them also. And some of the best ones made for fishing. We have them from 2" tall by 2 5/8" round to 5" tall in stock. We also have the 3 3/4" one from 2" tall to 5" tall in stock. But can also make up custom sizes also. We have a few people using them up to 12" tall. Just get in touch with us if you would like them taller then we list.

    Or do you fish with Jugs? If so we have jug kits in 2 different size's and also in 6 pack kits or 12 pack kits. We have standard kits or Tattle Tail jug kits .
    Standard kits
    Tattle Tail kits.

    We also stock the best Glowsticks on the market. At a price that you can afford . We could charge way more like a lot of other. But we feel that selling them at a great price. Allows our customers to get the best Glowstick for there $$

    Then we also have safety Floats for all the stuff you would rather not drop overboard that will sink to the bottom. Standard size is 2 5/8" round X 5" tall or 3 3/4" round X 5" tall, They have a Powder coated eye bolt. Along with a 3" Carabiner to allow you to clip it to your Boga Grips, Fish Grips, Hand Held GPS or what ever you would like to keep floating.

    If we can help out on your fishing needs please let us know. May the 2009 Season be the best season of your life.
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    Spring is close,can you get anymore of the red octopus sickle hooks 7/0. I found some at another site but your prices were less with shipping. I would like to deal with a B.O.C. sponsor.if you are not going to cary them , let me know so I can go elsewhere . Ty

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    I think he has the #7, I just got a pak a month back:wink: