Are you guy's frozen up there?

Discussion in 'LOCAL WISCONSIN TALK' started by Fishmaster1203, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Fishmaster1203

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    It's 70 degrees down here. :big_smile:
  2. Jay Jay

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    Not only are we froze ,but we are up to our pockets in the white stuff . Some of the guys have been doing well on northern pike on the smaller lakes . I need alittle more ice before I venture out .Hope spring comes early . Jay jay

  3. Ozz

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    Hey what's up. My father and I thawed out enough to test the waters of Big Green Lake, 04/20/09. I promised myself I would get him up there more fishing, He's in the twilight of his life. We did pretty good on channels that month. We hauled in a total of 9 cats ranging from 18 lbs. to 3 lbs.. Me being a die hard Flathead fisherman use Big Green as a warm-up. We usually catch or limit on the channels consistantly May-June 35 lbs.-2 lbs. back in the slews, from the boat in, get this, 18" to 3 feet of water.
    Yep all thawed out, but ready to get red hot on those Flatheads.
    OZZ out, PEACE!

    Speaking of Flatheads, did you know while your looking at the Carp playing against the bank that those more than likely Flatheads? Don't believe me? Do a little spot-fishing. The next time you see a large wake followed by a smaller one just throw 1 to a ball of night-crawlers approx. behind them and you more than likely will "hang" a male Flathead.
    The dominate male will be chasing the female, other less fortunate males will be on the outskirts waiting... Using this technigue I have caught my largest catch and release of flatheads in 3 hours is 11 males :) This occurred the first week in May 2006, 5-8 feet of water. The quickest bite was within 30 seconds, by a first time Flathead fisherman who I had shared this theory with and accompanied me to a remote part of the Fox/ Wolf River between EUREKA, Omro, Winneconnee and Fond Du Lac. That entire strech of the river(s) is good fishing, but there is a special spot with prime feeding, shelter and spawning for a huge female and numerous males. I hooked the female July of 2006, she got back into the "dead fall" and I was forced to cut 5o lbs. Spiderwire line because I could not get her up and out. I had been attempting to entice her for 3 years prior knowing that there was a Stae record in there. I hope she survived the 2007/08 "dieoff" because I'm back on the water 2009 (shoulder surgery) And that female I estimate between 65 lbs. and 80 lbs. (size and thickness of her tail finn). All the males have been 3lbs -6lbs. and she was the only female I had hooked (?).
    Above that fishing spot in the river, my father and I have caught numerous females 25lbs.-58 lbs. lots of smaller Flatheads and at one point we were averaging 40 lbs. lots more that got away.
  4. Chicago

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    Hey Ozz,

    A buddy of mine is nagging to go up to Partridge Lake around Fremont this Saturday. According to someone he works with, the white bass are good up there.

    I couldn't care less about white bass, but thought I might use the opportunity to try out some flathead fishing up that way. I catch-n-release to don't worry about me stealing ur MONSTER female. lol.

    Any advice u got about the river or lake up that way would be much appreciated.