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    one fri. afternoon my son(he was 17 at the time) and i decided to set out a trotline. so we got to the river and went up it four miles or so and strung the line across the river( about 80 yards wide with 50 hooks.) after we got the line set and weighted we went up in a creek and caught 50 perch. we was gone an hour or so and when we came back a guy had tied a jug in a tree with a limbline attached to it about ten feet from my trotline. he wasn't around so not much i could do. we got baited out and loaded the boat around dark. we got home my wife told me my dad had called and wanted to know if my son and i could come down(he lives two hours away)and help him. so we went down and worked all day sat. and got home around nine o'clock. i was too tired to go run my line. i told my wife we (my son and i) have to go run that line first thing in the morning. well thats sunday morning and my wife is a stickler about church when it comes to our kids. i am too but it took a lot of work to set out that line and it was time to reap the rewards and he deserved to be there. so i told her i will have him back in time for sunday school(9:45.) so we got to the ramp at 6:00am and there was two boats launching in front of us.(turned out to be the guys with the limbline) we got the boat in and headed up river. on the way we past the two boats that launched in front of us. they were dipping a fish. we gave the fishermans complimentary wave and went on. when we got to our line i got a hold of it and it wasn't very tight. my trotlines are usually almost as tight as a guitar string. i told my son i think this line is broke. but i said i can feel a fish. we had three flatheads 17 to 24 pounds on within the first 15 hooks. now these two boats past us as we were dipping one of those fish the two guys in the one boat waved but the other two guys was just looking straight ahead. well i went on down the line and a big one come off right as i got to him. then i come to the end of the line it had been cut in the middle. my blood pressure began to rise. i went over to where the limbline was and my line was cut there too. so i headed up river to find these guys that just past me. keep in mind i have to get my son back for church or i'm gonna hear it from the other half. i find them up river a mile or so and i'm hot. i pull up there and i hollered did you cut my line. the two guys in the one boat eyeballs got big around as half dollars(they didn't have a clue what was going on) one of the guys in the other boat said we didn't cut your line. now he is lying to me and i lit into him. finally he admitted that a fish on his limb line got wrapped around my line so he cut it. now i'm mad enough to fight but i have my son with me and i try to teach him right. there was also four of them and one of me and grandpa told me once its better to make a good run than a bad stand. anyway i told the guy i fish out here a lot and we will talk about this the next time we meet. so we head back down river. were running late and we get back to the ramp and there is a dodge suv that has a bass boat backed halfway down in the water. there is a kid about my sons age standing on the ramp and his dad is in the boat. the dad starts the boat up and hammers the throttle forward and the boat lunges forward and dies. now the boat is on the trailer all the way. i think they were greek or something because they were talking in some jibberish i couldn't understand. he starts it up and does it again. the boat dies the suv lunges with everything else. they start jabbering to each other again. my son is up there waiting to get on the ramp, were in a hurry and i'm ticked to beat all. he does this six or eight times with the same result and for the life of me i can't figure out what the heck is going on. i finally whistle at him and i point up the ramp and then i point out toward the water.(are you launching or going out)he points out toward the water. so i stand up and grab my shifter and i put my boat in reverse and my boat goes backward. i look at him and i see a light bulb flip on in his head. this boat has a reverse. he sticks the boat in reverse and pulls it off the trailer. he kept saying tink you, tink you, tink you. i don't know how long they had been doing that but it was definitely their first time. we made it back in time and i never have run into them guys that cut my line. i think they probably learned their lesson. a trotline ain't worth getting into a fight over anyway. that whole day was truly a first for me.
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    good thing u kept ur cool, 4 on 1 is never good odds