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  1. Newest most up to date equipment

  2. Knowledge of your home waters

  3. Knowledge of the species of cat your after

  4. Knowledge of different fishing metods

  5. Blind luck and hard knocks

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    Just throwing this out there for a little feedback.Heard some people saying that they think cattins getting too technical.Do you think it,s getting that way or are we simply evolving?I started out fishing some real junk.I got what I consider to be pretty good gear today.I still enjoy catching a good fish as much as when I started out 40 some years ago.I,m kinda glad I started out with some old gear though,baitcasters mainly with no freespool,no drag,solid glass rods.It taught me how to fight the fish with the rod and how to put pressure on the fish with my thumb.Got a lot of big fish like that too.I love a lot of the new gear too,for the most part,it,s smoother,stronger,and more reliable.I got some reels with nice smooth drags,but none of them will give out line as smoothly or react as fast as my thumb!The cheap Wal-mart cat rigs are probaly better than some of the better stuff was 30 years ago.I think some of the newer guys getting into cattin are putting too much emphasis on the tackle and not enough on the 3 W,s.Where,when,and why.That,s still the 1st thing I think of when I get a good fish.I try and figure out why that fish was there at that particular time,that way,I can repeat that pattern again and again.I keep hearing about gear ratios,which ones are winches,etc.I don,t think it makes no difference unless you,re actually using a REAL winch.Simple ABC,s-you pump the rod to gain some line,then reel the line up you,ve gained.I,m just saying,ya gotta learn to crawl before ya walk.I do think we have a lot better and stronger rod materials today,but there still aint too many situations I can think of where you,d be undergunned using good old solid glass.I just think if your newer to cattin,you,d be better off starting with some medium price gear and using the extra money for gas to scout and learn your river or lake.Give me an old timer that KNOWS his water a Zebco with some #20 line and decent hooks and I,ll put my money on him every time over the high $ gear guy that,s just picking spots by luck or word of mouth.I,m guilty of buying into some of the latest gear myself,but I don,t have any children and cattins my life.My health aint too good lately(back,emphysema),but I still put my share of scouting new spots every year,hacking them out.My main things learning though,the day I think I know it all and quit trying new methods,will be the day I quit growing as a fisherman.Some of my most helpful innovations are ideas that I thought up and built out of hardware store items!I think the most important things to learn first are good basic knots,an intimate knowledge of your rivers or lakes,suitable(not necessarily expensive) gear,the ability to use it to it,s fullest potential,knowlege of the baitfish in your area and how to catch them,and a passion for the cats.I hate to see newer guys trying to go from step 1 right to step 10,without concentrating on the important stuff in between.I spend a lot of time down in the rod and reel review sections myself,but I always check out what,s new in the fishing sections 1st.
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    MAN!! catfishing taking off with a blast!! And yes it's getting too technical with the "little" details such as how to rig, drag pressure, moon phases, what type of line, what action rod is the best, whats the best rod/reel, what bait..ect..... I have taken a fondness of the term KISS "keep it simple stupid"..... Because alot of the examples I just mentioned don't mean squat to a catfisherman in a different time zone than you. People just need to try different things in the area they fish to get the full bennefit of success. For example if I was going to santee cooper to fish I would do some research of what works there for whatever species I will be targeting, I would not grab what rods/ setups/bait that work for me here in Iowa because it will probably be totally different Hell I change my setups 3-4 times because of season/ weather change a year and sometimes daily!!.... There have been many NEW scientific studies about catfish found that we all can take a mental note from but I don't think that there are enough facts about catfishing that will work everywhere in the USA period no matter what the season.

    Don't get me wrong because there are certain little things discovered about each species of cat every year, or at least made public nation wide. For example It seem to be a couple years ago that flatheads DO NOT bite during the daytime which was totally false! Just the "majority" of catfisherman did not know that, When o'l billy bob cat tamer has known it for 50 yrs!!!

    We are a fast growing sport and I am excited to see what new found dicoverys will be made in the future! But for now I am using what works for me in my fishing applications and taking notes of what I think might work from brothers on here and trying them.... No one on this site or in the world knows everything about catfishing and like Pat said the day you think you do is the day you WILL STOP LEARNING..

    AWSOME thread Pat!!! This should be added to the library just to be commented on by all the members and upcoming members.
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    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I voted knowledge of your home waters. Without it you are dead meat. All good posts above. Dam good thread. The other choices of knowin what you are gonna target and awareness of different fishin methods are also good. However,I had to go with the home field advantage. LOL!
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  4. stoney53

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    good thread pat, myself i really think both hunting and fishing is getting to technical .pretty soon the gun or rod and reel will do it all for ya just set the rod on the bank and walk away it will cast itself , hook the fish and land it lol same with a gun just set it up out in the woods and it will shoot the deer by itself, maybe all controlled from the comfort of you home in front of a computer , have to wonder whatever happened to the term "hunt" or "fish" . dont get me wrong there are some good improvements but myself i like to keep things simple

  5. puddle jumper

    puddle jumper Well-Known Member

    Kind of reminds me of a old saying,, The indians made a small fire and stayed warm, the white man makes a great big fire and stays warm making the fire,,, both men are warm just got there in different ways,,,
    I like a great big fire,,,

    Ok whats that got to do with fishing,,,:hypnotized: Well for me I can catch a ton of fish on old wallmart brand gear,, but I like to tinker,, so for me its fun to catch fish,, and just as much fun to modify my cat rig ,, and fun to build my rods ,that much more fun when I catch a big fish on a rod that took me a month to build,,,It add to the fun ,, did I need to do that ,,, Nope ,,but I really wanted to, if I wasent doing this, it would be something elce , A side note, before I started building rods I spent about three months building my rod shop,, There is not a single piece of eqipment in it that was store bought, I fabbed it all up myself, the rod turner and the dryer, Thread holder, jigs .etc.....

    Thats the one thing that I love about this site there is a never ending supply of opinions, articles, and stuff to do reserch on,,
    I love our hobby...
    So do we need all this stuff , Nope, But I would not have it any other way,,
    Great thread Pat...
    Oh and for the poll, I think if you know cats, you should be able to find them in any waters...So thats the most important..:laugh1:
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  6. BIG_D

    BIG_D New Member

    Batchtown IL.
    Knowledge is your best wepon without it the best equipment will get you no where i got desent equip but i have so much to learn befor i can be consitent as i realy want to be Pat is right boys and girls arm yourself with Knowledge the rest is just stuff i started out with wal mart stuff you will see a lot of people hear saying Abu okuma penn and so on is the best and i am guilty of harping on Abu but fact is i have got a lot of cats on zebco johnson and shakespear all el cheapo's the point is have fun fishing and dont worie about keeping up with the crowed i fish with what i like not what some one else thinks i should fish with
  7. bream reaper

    bream reaper Member

    Great post! I voted for knowledge. Knowledge about your fish and what makes a good spot and when, will help you find spots anywhere, including your home waters.
  8. alton

    alton New Member

    Nice post Pat. I would have to vote for knowledge of your home waters. Since I only bank fish the river in my area, I spend a lot of time finding spots to catch bait. I spend time checking my spots all year. When the water is way down is the time too see how deep the water really is where you fish and the bottom layout. If I can't catch bait very close to where I fish, I am probably in a bad spot. For me, bait is everything. I also like the new equipment. I learned baitcasting using a Penn Squidder when I was a surf fisherman in Florida years ago. I would still use them today if the retrieve was faster. So it is a pure joy for me now casting my Abu 6500 and 7000 Pro Rockets. The newer rods are also so much lighter and stronger now. My 12' Solaris Surf rod with the 6500 weighs almost nothing and is really fun to cast. Good luck.
  9. rwg

    rwg New Member

    Good post, I voted for knowledge of your home waters. I started fishing in 1954, no anti reverce ball bearing reels, just a educated thum and braid line, no fish finders side veiw, just look at the water in front of you and figure out where to fish. I like the new stuff, I agree the cheap stuff today is better than my old shakspear wonder reel, but you still have to figure out whats going on in the water
  10. JPritch

    JPritch New Member

    Lynchburg, VA
    Like this thread alot....seen alot of guys overthinking everything. As for gear, we're not out there catching Tuna or Marlin, and some of the cheaper options are just as effective as the more expensive ones (don't let me get into bass gear:arrogant:)...however, confidence in your gear is important, so to each their own.

    I've seen it alot on the James, first timers on the river, and people who rarely fish it from out of state, catching monsters where alot of the local guys struggle. My thinking is that the newbies KISS, sticking to the basics of locating fish. Alot of the regulars overthink everything and try too hard to think like a catfish.
  11. catfishrollo

    catfishrollo New Member

    I voted knowledge of waters also. I think it is crucial to know the system, and know it well. It is important to understand the species and their tendencies. Take both, and you are on your way to catching more fish. Good thread Pat....rollo
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  12. waynesburgjay

    waynesburgjay New Member

    I voted knowledge of home waters cause I know it pays off in the end if you put the time in.
  13. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    I don't think our sport is getting to technical or evolving, now the product manufactures will sell you on the idea if they can, that's the kind of fishing that they do, but as far as catching cats lol, they still eat the same, swim the same, and hunt the same, and live in the same places, heck they are even spreading out to new waters! Knowing the basics is what catches catfish; knot tying, hook sharpness, bait selection, and habitat. With out these basics, all the so called advances in fishing will be of no use. Good thread Pat.........:good:
  14. I tend to over think alot and try to compete, and you wind up forgetting how ya started out, by dumb luck. Sometimes it can get very stressfull. I remember when I used to throw a line out and kick back and didn't care if I didn't catch anything, and that's actually how I got my PB Flathead, just sitting there with a worm on 6 lb test, on an old beat up rod. That 29 lber was a nice surprise. I have spent the past year like a raving lunactic tryin to catch every catty in the river, haha, and it is catching up to me, I really need to slow down and relax.

    Pat, this is a great thread buddy. I voted 3 : knowledge of your waters, knowledge of the species, and blind luck and definately hard knocks.
  15. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    I voted "Knowledge of the species of cat your after"

    I primarily fish the Ohio River and over the years have seen how the river changes year to year.
    Holes fill in, new holes form. Timber and sand bars come and go with seasonal floods. Sometimes I make trips to places like the Cumberland River but much too infrequently to get to know them well. The same thing there too, each year the holes and timber etc. are slightly different.
    I believe I have to know the habits and ways of the fish rather than try to follow the ever changing river.

    If like BG, I fished a tidal waterway, or if I mostly fished a lake I think I would have voted "Knowledge of your home waters".

    Lakes rarely change and if you aren't totally familiar with the tides and currents of a tidal waterway you are as BG put it "dead meat" and that can refer to both the fishing and literally to your life.

    Good thread...W
  16. flatheadslayer

    flatheadslayer New Member

    Thomaston, Geor
    i had to go with knowledge of species,because i mainly fish rivers.they change year to year,and in some cases week to week,according to water knowing a species you can then locate a catch them on unfamiliar waters.where as if you only know your home waters,then your at a disadvantage anywhere else.besides knowing your home waters will be second nature after a while,because thats where you spend the majority of your time anyway.
    And hard knocks,those lesons seem to stick with you better than the easy lessons.

    nothing wrong with evolving.
  17. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    Knowledge of home waters is the most important factor!

    Take walleye fishing for example in my home river. I see in TV shows and magazines that walleyes love crankbaits and spinner rigged worms. I tried for years with what I learned form TV and magazines and it did help me one bit. I found out myself that the walleyes in my home river only like jigs.

    Same way with flatheads. Guys all over this site swear by cut shad for flatheads. In my 7 years of fishing this river, I used cut gizzard shad, river herring, american and hickory shad for cut bait and have never had a flathead bite.
  18. MRR

    MRR New Member

    I had to go with Knowledge of home waters.As stated before that is where you'll spend the most time so why not learn it like the back of your hand. I'm still learning!.
  19. luckey wade

    luckey wade New Member

    Thanks for all the info guys .But im new to the sport .an just get luckey.But put alot of time in to flatheads researsh an time on the water,An pester alot of my buddies to answer ?.i guess luck an hard knocks works for me.
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  20. bullcat

    bullcat New Member

    I have to vote most up to date equipment .Think about it ,the better equipment you have to locate an catch fish the more you learn about your waters an other waters .Couldn't imagine going to the river without a high grade catfishing boat ,depth finder ,bait tank ,tackle ,etc...