Are they biting?

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by bluecat junkie, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. bluecat junkie

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    Did anyone fish the missouri river this weekend? Are the blues biting and if they are where did you have your best luck? Main chanel, WIng Dikes, where were they at? ANy information would be greatly appreciated as I am preparing to go out on TUesday to try my luck for the blues. Also, where are the shad being caught? THanks for the help.

  2. olddriller

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    My friend and I fished on the Missouri Fri. 3-9-07 , we put in at Gasconade city and went up river about 6 miles , found a couple of holes showing some fish , but not very many of them were on the bottom. River was still up , but not too much trash coming down the main channel, but the trash was a problem behind some of the dikes. Started raining hard so we finished out the day fishing under a rail road bridge on the gasconade river we only cought 3 channels all day , all small ones, water was about 45 dreg. on MO. and 47 dreg. on Gasconade. We are going to OK. tomorrow water is warmer down there.
    Paul ( Olddriller)