are there any green bay fans?

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by shovehead1, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. shovehead1

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    are there any green bay fans?
  2. Dano

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    I always like GB , they be on my top list but have been a Cowboys fan most my life until After Jerry Jones pissed me off screwing up my 90's cowboys and running off Jimmy Johnson, Jerry thinking he could buy a SB and just his wanting all the credit for himself, I became a GB, Brett F. fan , (really always did like Brett )and a Pats fan around 96-97.
    Even though I love to see Bret beat the Cowboys Jerry Jones . After GB won SB against Pats , next year I loved it when John Elway won the SB . I like both John and Brett.

    I still a CB fan but I cant stand Jerry jones on the feild, in the news, etc. so I hope GB takes Bret back and they beat the CB's, old school style.
    Heck even if its Rogers, I'm going for Green bay. But any other team, plays Cowboys, I'm going for the cowboys. Well except if they play the Pats. I like the Pats to.

    But yea, I'm a GB fan. Love watching Brett play

  3. hillcountryfishin

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    I'm a packer backer. This whole dilemma with Brett has got me twisted but still love the green & gold.
    Headed up in Aug. to get away from this texas heat for a bit. Beautiful country in WI.
    Go Pack Go!