Are there any good telescopic rods out there for catfishing?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by fishinnstudyin, Nov 30, 2006.

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    I own a four-door Sedan, so I don't have a truck bed to hold any long fishing rods in. I noticed that in some carp stores, they sell telescopic rods that can throw up to 3 lbs of lead. I've always wanted to buy a 10 or 11 foot surf rod to chuck bait about 200 yards or so, but none of them could fit . The largest any rod piece can be to fit in my trunk is 4.5, but the telescopic rod segments are 3.5 or 4.5 feet long. Does anyone know how strong they are? Could they haul in a trophy?

  2. laidbck111

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    I own some crappie poles the are telescopic but not anything that could hold a big catfish are 3 pounds of lead. I know there are some 12- 15 poles that breakdown. but I think they will be between 5 and 6 foot sections when broken down. They are not easy to find but I have seen some 12 foot 3 piece rods can't remember who made them though.

  3. CatHound

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    I have a Cabela's BIGWATER telescopic rod that is a Medium Heavy 10' and rated for 12-30 pound test line and I think 5 oz. It retracts to about 36".

    However, I only got it to cast my SmartCast sensor and so it would be out of the way and easier to transport on the ground or store in my boat. I don't think I would want to catch anything on it as the action is kind of lacking and I don't really trust it to fight a fish of any real size.

    You might be better off getting a quality 3 or 4 piece surf rod. But, I could be wrong.
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    You could aways get a good two piece rod and put it up front with you when you go fishing. When all I had was a car I put the butt of the rod on the dash and let it lay across the back of the seat.
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    check ebay, last i saw ther were some on there
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    I agree with griz, I think u can find a good 2 peice MH rod.
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    First cain;t really answer your question as you didn;t give enough info to know.What type of reel are you planing on using?Cabela's sells a 10,12 and 14 foot telescopic rods for spinning reels.The 14 foot MH 12-30 lb.test can be had as a combo with a King Kat freshwater spinning reel at no x-tra cost.You will need a heavy saltwater rated reel to saltwater fish with.I have the rod and it is very heavy built and collapses to 42 3/4 inches.A Okuma Coronado CD 90 spinning reel fits the real seat.This is a huge spinning reel.Remember to remove the butt cap and rinse these rods out real well internally as well as externally.Grit will build up internally if you don;t and interfere with your telescoping fits at the joints as it slowly grinds them away with time.Best of luck.peewee
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    A rod that can toss 3lbs. of lead??? Or did you mean 3oz. Good Lord 3# could anchor a small boat!
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