Are "River" catfish affected as much as "Lake" catfish

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by Sunburn, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Sunburn

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    by these cold fronts like we're having today and for the next couple days? During my days as a bass fisherman, you'd be wasting your time heading to a lake the day after a front like this one. If you were gonna catch any fish at all they'd be in a river. Seems the current helps fish cope with a big change in the barometer. What say you gents? Are river cats less affected by big weather changes? We had 51* here this morning in the Ohio River Valley. High today only 73*.
  2. Gary B

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    This is a good question. It will be 50F tonight.

  3. Dbeals05

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    I dont think there effected as much. River waters takes a lot longer to warm up then a pond or lake does. So when we do get a cold front it doesn't effect the river as much. The pond and lakes will get cooler a lot faster since its a body of water which doesn't move. A sudden change in water temp will hurt fishing no matter what, but a cold front doesn't really effect a river as bad since water is constantly moving and takes a lot more time to cool down then a pond or lakes does.
  4. BG CAT

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    Westerville OH
    It seemed to effect the fish on the Ohio River last night. We only boated 2 flatheads, 1 channel and a striper. Really tenative bite last nite.
  5. BigCatJakeSr

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    Bellville, OH10
    Cold fronts doesn't necassarily mean a temp change, but a barometric change in the atmosphere. That pressure effects the feeding pattern of baitfish. As barometer drops the food in which baitfish drops to the bottom, as it rise the food rises upward and increases the feedin of the baitfish, thus the cycle continues upward to which is feeding on the baitfish. Rivers are affected by this pressure but not as much as lakes. Water tempature drop is also crucial. Experts say if you time you fishin right with the rise and fall of the barometric pressure during incoming and outgoing fronts. That is why on bluebird skies and a front that has stabilized for a duration fishing drops, but just prior to a cold front (weather change) fishing can be excellant, especially I found for catfishing. I hope this help. Good luck and Good fishing Brother.