Are Folks Born Lazy Or Do Parents Teach It As A Skill?

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    well I Hope Nobody Minds If I Vent For A Few! Im So Tired Of Going Fishing Only To Wade Through The Garbage From Lazy Anglers. Even While Garbage Cans Are Every 40 To 50 Yrds, I Find Myself Tripping Over Crap. Ive Been Seeing All Kinds Of Stuff Both Around And In The Water. One Of The Worst Has To Be Huge Balls Of Old Fishing Line. That Stuff Seems To Stick Around Forever And Can Reek Havok On Wildlife And Anglers . Im Always On My Kids About Keeping Up On Their Part And Leave The Place A Little Cleaner When We Leave Than It Was When We Got There. I Watched Somebody Thow A Beer Bottle At A Carp In Shallow Water Yesterday ,missing By A Long Shot . I Wanted To Toss His But In But I Had My 7yr Old With Me,goodthing Too! Im Sorry For Whining About This But If It Dont Change Are Laws Will Become So Strict That Only The Folks With Private Property Will Be Able To Afford Hun Ting And Fishing. Please Show Our Youth How Important It Is To Take Care Of What We Have Left, After All It Will All Be Theirs To Control In The Very Near Future!!!!!!!!
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    100% in agreement with you ...everytime i go to my local river i pick up the trash that others have left behind..

  3. You are never in the wrong for complaining like that. We all know how much trash we make everday, but some don't realize it. If others are making a mess and don't clean it up you may feel funny picking up fter others, but remember that we all have to never give up keeping the outdoors clean. I learned in the Marines that it is always easy to do the wrong thing, but it is harder to do the right thing. We all need to realize that hard work does pay off and if those guys that threw the bottle don't know what they are doing it may be up to anyone to set them strait. You are never in the wrong for keeping people from littering no matter what.
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    If one could answer that he/she'd make a fortune. Sadly it doesn't end at the rivers, lakes, woods. Look around your hometown. People toss crap out of their vehicles into yards as they drive by. Have you ever noticed these "Adopt a Highway" crews after they've been through. There'll be several bags of trash waiting to be picked up.:angry:
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    Studies have shown that people will behave better in a clean environment, and will behave poorly where they believe nobody cares- like in a nasty, littered area. The point is, it really does make a difference to pick up other people's trash. There will still be low-life idiots who toss trash around, but there will be fewer of them and less trash if we all pitch in and pick up more trash than just our own.
    Good point! I do wish you wouldn't capitalize every word, though, it makes your posts hard to read.
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    Brother I feel your pain, I always try to leave an area cleaner then when I got there. It is sad to see fishing holes end up with alot of debis from idiot anglers.
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    People trowing out trash has cost me several fishing spots! even though i was not the one doing it they have stoped letting anyone fish!:ah: :choler:
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    I never leave any of my garbage and always bring back others to be thrown away. Seems like every year I get another place, private, to fish due to helping keep it clean. This year ridgerunner and myself have gotten a new place to fish and we are the only ones getting to go there. He even mows the whole way back to where we fish. We also take a weedeater with us and help keep the area we fish cleaned up good. I'm sure he will tell others about our help and clean ways, then we will get another place and another hopefully. At this time I have almost three and a half miles of creek I can fish. I also have some river property I can fish, so all is going good here.