Are Creek Chubs smart or What ?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Poppa, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I trap and fish creek chubs a lot and I find them humorous sometimes.
    If they are on a hook and they find a stick or another line they will tie
    their line to it. They can tie only granny knots but when you pull the line
    the knot rolls and becomes two half hitches.LOL If they are on a hook
    and they can find another chub on another line they both tie knots to
    each others line. If you drop one in the water he will not dive deep
    into the dark water where the bad stuff lives, it goes about 6 in. deep
    and hauls it to the bank and gets under a root or log. You have to put
    enough weight on your line or a chub will swim up and go to the bank
    and hide. For something that has a brain the size of a bb they are pretty
    sharp. I know grown men that have trouble tying a two half hitches.LOL
    Have fun everybody and be safe. Poppa
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    Wish I could hire a chub to tutor a couple of my kids:smile2::smile2: :smile2: Stay safe and good fishing!!!:wink: