Are catfish afraid of fire?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by reelking92, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. reelking92

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    quick question about campfires and catfishing. Does having all that light from the fire on the water spook the catfish. Also does casting in really shallow water (less than five feet) spook the cat's?
  2. dano40

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    Campfires have never affected my fishing, noise has been the only thing that I have noticed that will spook the catfish. Casting in shallow water doesn't seem to spook them either, Ive caught alot of catfish as soon as my bait hits the water, I think the catfish think it is baitfish splashing on the surface and they come to prey on them.

  3. Netmanjack

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    Karen, they are afraid of fire. Many stories have been passed down through catfish lore about giant beings that live in the great unknown upper space where there is no water and a thing called fire. They catch bad little fish that don't do as they are told and cook them up for dinner. These stories have sent many a small catfish to bed scared out of their wits. Yes the are afraid of fire. As for our own use of fire, casting shadows upon the water, is what can spook big fish. If you are fishing very deep water or really far out then it only makes since that the fish won't see the light show. A camp fire also means more moving around and talking. Noise and ground vibration are spooky to fish also, but again depth and distance figure in. :cool2:
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    I'm pretty sure that they aren't afraid of fire, seeing as how the water will extinquish it. But I can tell you for sure that they are terrified of hot Crisco. :eek:oooh: ....and corn meal :crazy: ....and hush puppies! :big_smile:
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    To me I use as Little Light as pos. because to me it seems unnatural. Unless the area you fish always has light then I would use it. When it comes to fires and stuff like that allot of men tend to over do it!! Yes, I was one of those.... Just use what you absolutely need. If I need light to see my rods I take a flash light and put it close to my rods and point it to the sky and not towards the water. Just my own 2 cents..
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    Eric Maurer
    Netmanjack, you ain't right! Really funny, but just not right!