Are all ten still in it?

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by Phil Washburn, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Phil Washburn

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    Kahne looked to be out of it last week.
    185 back...that is one race. unlikely that 5 or 6 of the top 7 or 8 will have trouble next week, but there are still, what, 6 races left? this could get good. still several tracks left that kahne is good on.
  2. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    Im going with the top 7 right now. Even with Gordon having 2 bad weeks in a row, I think he will come back strong but will need the leaders to have some bad luck to catch them. Denny Hamlin just might walk away with it all the way he runs each week. Mark Martin might steal the championship just by being conservative. Jeff Burton seems to have the most consistancy so far. I look for Harvick and Kenseth to get another win each before its all over. And Earnhardt Jr needs to put together top 5 finishes the rest of the way to get the championship.

  3. 1 cattin dude

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    I was glad to see Mark Martin make it through Talladega in one peice. I was also impressed to see how much Dale Jr. has matured. In his interview, he didn't get mad or show his butt. Big improvement in biting the ol' tongue.
  4. jim

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    Totally agree about Jr.I have been cheering for him and Gordon to get abck to form all year.His assessment was the most reasonable and thought out.I am a Hendricks man but I have to say Jimmy would not of had a chance if Brian isn't there and sticks with him up to the end.I think everyone else had made up their minds that where they were wasn't so bad and were content to finish as was.Thats called driving,going for the win is called racing and if it doesnt work out you never have to ask yourself "Should I have gone for it".Had they finished as was the chase would be extremely tight.I think the top five barring some kind of disaster which we know is possible will fight it out for th championship.Win lose or draw at least it an exciting chase this year.:big_smile: :smile2:

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    I know all the Jr. fans hated what happened, but look at it through vicker's eyes. He didn't have anything to lose by doing that, he's already out of the chase. He has been taught his whole life to do everything in his power to win no matter who is in front. He did the only thing he knows. He is leaving Hendrick's next year anyway so why should he show Johnson respect, not saying he was right in what he did, but hey I say let the guys race. I don't like all this multi team stuff anyway. After all if Jr wouldn't have been up there anyway there wouldn't be as much controversy. Jr. fans are really amusing at times...LOL. JMHO

  6. LiquidSteel

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    Rank Driver Behind
    1. -- Jeff Burton Leader
    2. +2 Matt Kenseth -6
    3. -- Mark Martin -10
    4. +1 Kevin Harvick -33
    5. -3 Denny Hamlin -51
    6. +1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. -106
    7. -1 Jeff Gordon -147
    8. -- Jimmie Johnson -156
    9. +1 Kasey Kahne -185
    10. -1 Kyle Busch -185

    Hope this helps. Its current as of 10-10-06

  7. 1 cattin dude

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    I'm a Jr. fan but I don't blame Vickers for what happened. It was one of those cases where the timing was off. If he had pulled out of line the same time that Johnson did, they would have both gone around Jr. However, he waited until Johnson had already hit that 200MPH wind and slowed a little to pull out. It happened so fast I'm sure he never thought about it. That's just racin'.
  8. Mark J

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    Of course there would be controversy. Jr. is the most popular driver by far and the two that wound up in the grass were in the chase.
    I wouldnt expect anything different were the names of the drivers different under the same circumstances.

    I suspect Jr. came out of there with a 165k check in his hand atleast.
    Even if he only gets 60% he'll be laughing all the way to the bank on Monday morning while the money from sold souviners is still being counted.

    I know I would.
    Controversy sells tickets and souviners.
    If it were all about winning championships Mark Martin would have ditched Rousch 10 years ago to put a trophy in the case.