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I have killed many hogs 12 one spring with my compound and used several different broadheads. Some were good others just weren't any good. Stay away from a 2 blade head. I shot a big boar at 12 steps with a 2 blade cut on contact and buried it to the fletchings and never found him. You need a 3 or four blade design preferably a 4blade cut on contact design. A hog is different than a deer, they have a thick layer of fat 3-6" and a two blade hole won't bleed. The head i had the best success with was the steel force 4 blade serrated blade. I haven't been able to get them to shoot well anymore. I think they changed the design or something. I do like the magnus stinger 4 blade.Wensel woodsman would be great. Just make sure it will cut a hole that wont plug with fat. Also aim kinda low The top 6-8" inches of a hog is nothing but muscle bone and grissle. If you shoot a big hog try to shoot a quarting away shot the shoulder plate is tough on big boars. Something 150# or smaller you should penetrate one side but with a traditional bow a quartering shot would be best on a big boy. The heart is located pretty low right against the front shoulder at the elbow. It would be wise to carry a big pistol or shotgun tracking. I shot one between the eyes after getting down from a stand at dark with my bow.I had 15-20 hogs come up on me 15 ' away, waite 2 hours to track and found him alive backed against a downed tree in the dark with no gun or bow to finish him off.had a large knife, luckily found a good green limb and knocked him down and stood on his neck so he couldn't move so i could take care of him. That was the only time i went without My pistol or a shotgun to trail. Luckily it only weighed 80lbs. Never again!!
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