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Archery Bear Hunting.

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Thought I would share a pic. of the bears my brother and I took back in 1995.We were hunting at Lac Suel Lake in Ontario Canada. We hung our tree stands the day before we hunted, and upon arriveing the next afternoon to hunt my bear (on the right) had clawed up my tree and ripped my tree stand up! My bro. got a good kick outta that, knowing all you have is a bow and a knife. Well I guess he won't eat any more stands . Hope the picture shows up.


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Thanks guys, Its quite a rush having a old boar bear come in. Mine was a about 10 yards when he came in. Thats the only tree I could set up in that was large enuff for a stand. Here's a couple more pics. I hope to get back there again some day. I would like to try some archery Moose hunting also.


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Those Moose are huge. We saw several while up there hunting. We had one swimming and got fairly close to him with the boat. I brought home a dropping from one and told my friend that is was from a monster buck I was hunting. You should have seen his eyes lite up. Had him going for some time LOL. I checked on the caribou in Quebec, I'd love to give it a try. I have eatin some and they were good. I had a wolf walk up while I was on the stand within 20 yards, There small game license didn't open until like a week later. I had the pins on him, wish the season would have been open.
Paul they are sure fun to hunt.
I got back at my brother for laughing about my bear eating my tree stand.
We originally had 1 guide that droped me off and than took my brother to drop him off at his tree stand.
The guide knowing we had a very good chance of harvesting bears sent 2 different guides to pick my brother up and our original guide came to get me. This was a dark, I had about a 1/4 of a mile walk from the lake to my stand. I herd the guides boat a went to him and said I got one. He had another guide with him so we went to get my bear. I took us forever to carry him back to the boat, the trees are so thick and close together. Anyway we got back to the lodge and it was late. The other 2 guides and my brother where not back yet. After waiting till after mid-nite the outfitter decided to take off to find them. My brothers tree stand was over a hour away by boat. Half way there the outfitter found his 2 guides with out my brother, there motor had quit them. They finally got to my brother after 2 am. He had killed a bear also and was a nervous wreck by this point wondering why no one had come for him. Not being a smoker he didnt have any matchs or a lighter to build a fire. All you have is your bow and a knife, the wolfs and bears were thick and walking all around.
LOL he know carrys a bic lighter when he hunts.... ;)
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Yes john we kept the meat, it is good.
Our guide skined them out for us, he did mine 1st then my brothers.
While he was skining my brothers he sliced his hand open, the outfitter came down to the dock with a needle and some of his wifes thread and sewed his hand up. That old boy never said so much as ouch and then went right back to finish skinnin LOL.
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