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  1. tdheater

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    I am thinking about heading to lake arcadia this weekend and wanted to see if anyone knew the lowdown. According to the OWDC fishing report, cats are biting there. The problem, I've always been to cheap to pay the entry fee so I don't have the first clue on where to fish. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Let us know how you do on your trip hope you catch a bunch

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    If the water is up try fishing in shallow water. If not try different depths, use a sliding sinker. Bait ? Whatever you have, try the place a time or two, You will learn what ever is best. Talk to any fisherman you see and donot be afraid to ask about bait.

    keep them lines wet:smile2:
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    After reading those fishing reports from the Game Warden, I'm convinced he knows absolutely nothing about what is going on in his area of responsibility. I'd almost bet a JR High School journalisim class could write better reports.
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    they have been catchin some good blues down around the stumpes in about 5-6 feet on shad and crappie
  6. dex

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    I have been wanting to fish Arcadia, but was wanting to know what is the cost to fish there these days? Anyone know?
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    Hello, I don't blame you for not wanting to pay, especially when you've already paid for a license, besides you can go to thunderbird for free, and the fishing will be just as good if not better. I have caught a lot of big catfish from that lake using rod and reel, and jugs. If you live in the OKC area, and want a chance to catch big catfish, you can't beat thunderbird. One thing's for sure, I would'nt put any stock into those weekly fishing reports, they're usually B.S. I think they just write what people want to see, so they will come out and throw away their money, especially at pay lakes.
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    You can access Arcadia for free by entering off of 2nd street at the project office. From there you can walk in. You can fish a cove from there, the tower, and the whole dam. I've caught a lot of crappie around that tower. There is a lot of submerged driftwood, too. If the wind cooperates you can use a katbobber and drift bait a long ways.

    The dam is a step dam, basically a really wide staircase. What you see above the water extends out exactly the same way. If you are going out in the evening be sure to take a flashlight or lantern. The walk back in the dark can be tricky.

    There are a few things you might want to consider before you go out. First, be careful when you walk near that tower. The birds love to roost up there and they make a lot of "deposits". :crazy: Also, the dam is hard so if you have any rod holders they won't stick in the ground. You will want to plan ahead on that one. Lastly, there is no place to sit so tote a folding chair in with you.

    A friend of mine walks in with his float tube in the late spring and floats up and down the dam with a homemade dough bait and does pretty good on the eater size channels.

    If you decide to go, be sure to report back
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    You guys are dead-on about the OK fishing reports. Our local report is written by a lady who owns a bait shop on the lake. She will only report on the fishing close to her locale (it's not a big lake) and even if every fish in the lake were on the other end, she would only say the fish were biting right by her bait store.

    Luckily for me, I know the lake and the fishing pretty well. That leaves the whole other end to me and some folks who know what they're doing. Unfortunately, if any new folks rely on her report they will often think the fish are turned off and not even go try.:confused2: