AR bearing lube?

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    I'm trying to find out what type lube can be used on the anti-reverse roller bearings on the newer reels.All I can find is the REEL SAVER AR grease but it cost over $20 for a tiny tube when shipping is added.All the info I can find says not to use regular reel grease because its too slick.Any input will be appreciated.
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    Good afternoon, I just got off the phone with my buddy, who owns a baitshop & repairs reels also.

    He said that regular reel grease is fine to use, just DON'T pack the bearing as you would the old style bearings. You can pull the sleeve out of the center & put the grease on it.

    He also mentioned that they are very prone to rusting, especially around here due to the saltwater. CRC 6-56 is a good anti-corrosion lubricant to put on them.

    Good luck, HTH......Elliot

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    Hio!!....Who among us has watched the tire guy prep the tire for mounting.... zip-zip with the dauber around the surface, with the goop.

    Lubing the IAR needle clutch can be done the same way, with a q-tip. Grease can be your enemy along with your friend....depending on where you live, and the temperature variables, it may be a better plan to use oil.

    Many rodsters report slippage of the sleeve in the bearing, when grease is used. Oil takes care of that.

    Folks that fish the salt, or brackish waters usually are on top of reel maintain, so corrision is usually not a biggie.

    Sidebar 1: In the Abu reels using the German one way clutch: older models have a one way sleeve, too. Later models took care of the up-side down installation possibility by 'squaring *both* ends of the sleeve.

    Older models: install the sleeve square side _down_, and.... with both:
    replace the sleeve when you see a dark grey band in the center, along with little indentations from the needles whacking their way into the metal.

    Sidebar 2: every now and then, Abu rodsters get real agressive with hooksets, and loosen/completely tear loose the chromed boss holding the IAR bearing.
    Your repair shop will either repair this with a "bearing basher", or advise you to buy a new sideplate. The repair tool is a custom jobbie, made up by a machinst guy in your trading area, or the repair guy, if he's got that trick in his bag.
    There's a chap in CA that's successfully using the red 'loctite' stud and bearing mount to repair compromised plates. I need to try that, as I just use the basher tool for a lifetime fix. never moves again after 'the treatment'.

    When I gather enough permissions on the site, I will see about sending out some pics of the tool, so either you, or your machinist guy can make one up.

    End of sidebars, end of post.

    Hope this helps. Best, KD.