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    I have had over a dz. fish in a 10 gal tank for 2 years. Most people think they won't live like that. LOL. Well I'm not sure but I think 2 years is a long life for some aquarium fish..........any true statistics out there? Anyway, I figure for that many in a small tank, yes they did well.

    They are starting to kick off but I have one Paradise Fish, which looks like he has a tumor. He is bottom heavy to the point that he bobs and appears to be dying but is still there everyday. If anyone knows what his affliction might be, please let me know, as I just enjoy looking at them while listening to music.

    Also, note the size of my plecotomus (sp?). There is actually another one in there but about a quarter of the size of "Uncle Fester".

    Thanks in advance for any advice, anyone can give me. Some people call the Paradise Fish a Gourami, but I read up on them when I bought these 3 a couple years ago. They are very durable fish, in that they were one of the first species to be imported here from Africa, I think. Anyway they endured a lot of tough conditions that the others didn't when they first started importing them here.

    Take care.
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    how often do you feed them ? uncle fester looks a little large for that tank . i have a 55 gallon tank with 5 fish one is a fester type lol i feed him algea discs 4 or 5 every two days the rest get fed 3 pinches of flakes at the same time . mine appear to be fine . iv had them over a year and fed them the same each time . fish will eat as much as you feed them the more they eat the shorter their life span imo . had a gold fish who was fed so much his stomach actually popped and the scales fell off this inturn killed the fish .set a time to feed them and stick to it they should last several years . have seen a fish last as long as 15 years in a tank and not grow more than a 1/2 inch . your best bet is to check with your local pet store . good luck

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    I don't know what is wrong with your fish. As for how long gourami will live in small tanks, a friend gave me hers as I was running two 20 gallon tanks and she didn't want the fish anymore. She'd had it for 7 years and gave me tank, fish, and the whole setup, it was a 20 gallon. The water was so bad you could barely see the fish. I moved the gourami to a tank already set up, cleaned his home, made sure that the water was declorinated, moved him back in. He lived another year. I'm sure the clean water killed him.
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    You ABSOLUTELY need a bigger tank or less fish. First of all tha is a Plecostomus (PLECO) and it will reach up to and ovr 9"-12"
    I have MANY, MANY tanks. Alot of em are over 180gallons and I have been in T.F.H. (Tropical Fish Hobbiest magazine) Many times. I am an EXPERT when it comes to aquarium fish.
    I kneed to know what kind of filter you have on that tank!
    Is the tank cycled?
    How often do you do water changes? [I reccomend at least a 20% every week.]
    NEVER tear down your tank and "scrub" it clean! By doing so you are removing the benificial bacteria that is NEEDED to convert fish waste (detritus) into harmless nitrate.
    Actually more complicated thatn that: Your benificial bacteria (slimy stuff on inside of glass) Nitrosonomas turn ammonia into NitrIte and the Nitrobacter turns the NitrIte into (less harful) NitrAte.
    Your filtration need to turn over your tanks volume at the least 8-10 times per hour.
    Go to or my favorite and they will help you with your tank.
    I wish yur fish well! Good luck.
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    Cheryl,I cant see very well from the pic,but does he have scales protruding out or have a pinecone appearance?It could be what we call dropsy,which is a bacterial infection,and although he isnt a livebearer(those which give birth to live young),such as guppys,swords or platies,which are notorious for getting the disease,I have seen it in other tropical fish species as well.
    Most fish stores carry wide spectrum antibiotics for treating the disease,if this is what it is,sometimes it does not work.And If a fish dies in your tank,it can spread.Usually the swelling comes from the belly area,and is caused by the body cavity filling up with fluid and bacteria.
    But as I say,most fish who get this disease will have a pinecone appearance,as the scales will seem to stand out from the body.
    This being said,it could be a tumor,could be genetic,hard to say.If it is dropsy,then you could treat him outside the tank.I dont know if you realize,but paradise fish are anabantids,meaning they get their O2 from the surface of the water.and you can treat him like a betta in his own little bowl.Although the temps of the water would have to remain fairly stable.I state this because antibiotics can harm the bacteria in your filtration system and cause an ammonia spike which can stress or possibly kill your other fish.
    What kind of filtration do you have on the tank? back filter? Undergravel filter? and how often do you change 1/4 of the water?And also,do you have a gravel vac?
    Peace and Plenty,
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    Hey Jay,

    I was just looking at the photos of your tanks, & I wanted to tell you:
    "Looking Good"!

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:

    :worship: :0a23:
    Bert & Phil
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    Thank you! I put alot of time and effort into them. Thanks for noticing!
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    Hey Cheryl, now this is probably gonna sound silly after Buddah's excellant advice (by the way Jay, nice pics and great info) that said I think some people really dont want much more then ten gallon tanks, really, Aquariums are a lot of work if you want to keep them ship shape. I have had several 10's, a couple 20,s and then a 55 and it got almost like a full time job. In layman's terms if you start out right and get a good poopie-nitrogen-bacteria balance you can make a 10 gallon community last a good while. Sure a few fish will die, put a few tiger barbs in there , they will chase every fish all day long lol. Plus when a fish dies its alway fun to replace it with a new one. I always found the most important thing was keeping your filter carbon changed and lots of partial water replacements, never change the whole tank.....good luck

    my top three fav small tank fish:

    1, the khuli loach

    2, Angel Fish

    3, The Albino Catfish