Appalachicola River Questions

Discussion in 'FLORIDA RIVERS TALK' started by bigmaac73, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. bigmaac73

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    Lenoir City, TN
    Well, i have been in NW Florida for 5 years and am finally getting around to fishing the App. River. I did have a few questions however. I was wondering what I should bring as far as bait goes. I am bringing some live shiners and live bluegill, but should I be looking at anything else?Also, I will be putting in somewhere close to I-10. Is it better to go up river or down? And if anyone has any other suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate them as well.
  2. Cuda-Cada

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    Live shiners and bream work very well on the Appalachicloa. From I-10 this time of the year I would work my way downstream, in the spring I would work up by the dam where they stack up thick along the catwalk. I also like to use live bullheads this time of the year. I just looked and saw the river was up a few days ago but coming down. This time of the year is great. Kids back in school and people getting ready for hunting season. You should have a lot of the river to yourself. Good luck.

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    I get to florida about once a year in Pensacola is that close to the appalachicola river?
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    i find the chipola and dead lakes to my choice there down around wewakitchka. if i can get hands on some warmouth perch i prefer to use them if not bream and large gold shiners if i can find them....kentucky landing on the main river sec. has a few good spots also...if u put in at gaskin park this will centeralize you to all those spots...good luck and hope to see you on the river....