Apology to the Membership

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catfish_Commando, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Catfish_Commando

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    Apology to the Membership

    In the very recent past we went through a cycle of attempting to update member avatars to raise the standards of these types of images.

    In our efforts, we became a little overzealous with the slide rule, and for many members, caused great internal distress.

    We are backing of the throttle used to evaluate the quality of these images. As long as it is an image of you, nothing offensive, isn’t a plug, it will make the cut.

    We try to do the best job we can, with the resources we have on hand.

    For those members that were Star Supporters, and are leaving the BOC, who wish their donation back, send me a private mail, its the least I can do.

  2. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    I think you all are doing a heck of a job!!! Keep up the great work and If there Is anything I can do,just holler!!!Thanks for making this the best catfishing site in the world!!!

  3. dip

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    stinkin ohio
    SHEESH! I hope you're kidding about peeps leaving because of the great avatar inquisition! i personally had a minor problem with my trademark avatar so i made a new one. BIG DEAL. thanks for all you and the mod squad does paul!
  4. fishinpals

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    Virginia, Illinois
    Your the reason that this is such a popular site. It's the number one fishing forum on the web. NOW DO I GET A RP?:smile2::cool2:
  5. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    Paul : As is normal once again you rise above. Your continued thinking of the brotherhood and feelings of others once again reminds us we are part of something special.

  6. TxRiverman

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    Lockhart Tx
    I absolutlely hated fishing forums before i found the BOC. The BOC is more than just another fishing forum and that because of the people who run it and the people who take part in it. Dont apologize for trying to what you feel is right concerning the BOC. If somebody wants to "cry" and go somewhere else because they werent follwing the guidelines then i have only one thing to say,Bye. You and your staff are doing a hell of a job,keep it up!
  7. elphaba7

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    Mo'town, WV
    Spoken like a true leader. :smile2: Thanks for everything you do for us, Paul.
  8. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    Paul, I havent been here long enopugh to know what the problems were but I cant imagine anyone wanting to leave this site for any reason. Great site! keep up the good work. 777
  9. dreamcatcher

    dreamcatcher New Member

    Paul, I don't know much about the "slide rule," but I can't see why people would want to leave because they're being told to put up an image that people can halfway recognize. Like John said, it's unsettling to see the founder of this site having to apologize for something as simple as this. To even have to bring it out let's me know that it must have caused quite a stir. Heck, if you told me to take my glasses off so you could see me better I would. A small sacrifice to make to continue enjoying the fellowship that we all enjoy here.

    Besides, I like to see who I'm dealing with. Good, bad, or indifferent post a pic that people can see! Who would want to take back their donation? You give freely(at least I do), not donate with conditions attached. Like, "If things don't go my way I want my $10 dollars back!" Sheesh, what a crock, and so petty of us as members. I usually don't get uptight at much, and try to remain easy going, but this isn't right!:choler:

    Keep up the fire Paul,
  10. tatersalad

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    Clover, SC
    I haven't been happy with a couple things I've encountered on the BOC, but I am still here. Of course I respect the rules set forth for membership on the BOC. I can't help but think that folks who are leaving the BOC because of avatar rules are the same kinds of folks I'd rather not fish with, anyway.
  11. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    Personally I don't think there was a need to apologize, I don't know why anyone would leave the BOC over something like that, y'all were just trying to make the BOC a little more friendly and enforce a rule. I loved the idea of someone having a clear picture of themself up. I think sometimes we actually need to apologize to you....lol

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Deltalover

    Deltalover New Member

    Tracy Calif
    I will just say this! I have nothing but thanks and praise for the B.O.C.! I am proud to be a member! There is no greater commitment to any internet commuinity, then that givin by Paul, and staff, to the Brotherhood of Catfisherman!
  13. catseeman

    catseeman New Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Paul you are the leader of the best arena of fishing knowledge on the web! You and the staff do the best for us. Thank you very much. I try and do the best I can with what I have available. You don't owe us an appoligy again thank you and the staff.
  14. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Come on Paul:crazy: .....I can't believe your making apologies for trying to improve the quality of this site(your site). Anyone who would want their money back and leave over that surely was never loyal to BOC anyway.:roll_eyes:

    Anyone leaving over this please return any prizes, support, enjoyment and knowledge you recieved from this site upon your exit and requesting your money back.:big_smile:
  15. jdstraka

    jdstraka Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Paul,Paul, Paul.No Apology needed, You did NOTHING WRONG in the first Place this Great site is your Creation And I feel I can speek for the majority of Brothers and Sisters on this Subject THANK YOU SIR!!!!! You know when I was in the NAVY over 40 years ago I had this Chief Petty Officer (Hollis O. Lillie) And his favorite saying was A HAPPY SALIOR IS A BITCHING SAYLOR!!! So from that assumption I can deduce there must be some happy folks out there Right. Keep on Keeping On. God Bless J.D.Straka AKA Bigcatman0816.:smile2:
  16. Patmansc

    Patmansc Well-Known Member

    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    You're doing a great job Paul, and many people truly appreciate your dedicatin and hard work. You have created (and maintain) a wonderful site, one that helps people in many more ways than you peobably realize! I"m sure that I speak for many when I say "THANK YOU", and keep up the good work.
  17. Itch2Scratch

    Itch2Scratch New Member

    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Folks as you read this thread please take the time to Rep our founder, the creator of this site to show your support for his vision and providing us a quality place to be. Rep given and deserved!!!!:wink:
  18. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Paul, you of all people have nothing at all to apologize about. Look at all you have done and always trying to improve. Can't please everybody all the time. You always ask for our opinions. This is the only site I'm a member of. I've gripped a little , we all have. If I was to slow down, take a break or kick in full gear, I hope this place is always here when I want to sign on. My first few days of of my star was and still is well worth it. I would never ask for a refund even if I never came back. To offer members money back just shows how much of a Man you are and how much you truly care about this membership. You are a true leader and man among men. I hope no one takes you up on that offer. If I could afford it right now I would donate more to help make up any differences.
    I want to thank you for everything and I would like to apologize to you for any problems you might have encountered over doing a good job. You have my support.
    I could carry on but I want. I dont always explain well. LOL.

    Thanks Paul , Mods and all members who does what they can to make this place the best on the internet.

  19. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Wow, just got home to this. Paul, I understand what you are saying but as they say. You can make some of the people happy all the time, you can make all the people happy some of the time, but you can't make all the people happy all the time.

    I for one have tried to get members to update avatars or get one up. I know JW also had taken the time to offer help. I have sent countless PM's, emails, and Threads offering help. Trying to do my part to help relieve the stress that you and the mods encounter.

    You can't hold their hand and kiss their boo boo when they get hurt feelings though. Tough love is needed sometimes. If they want their money, take it and go. Just my personal opinion.

    I have got more out of the BOC then I will ever be able to give back. I have learned so much and never felt so much love from people I dont know. Other then chatting on the BOC. People will email and call when there are family problems. Sometimes my own family wont do that. Postitive comments about Madison and the pics I post as she is growing up.

    You can leave the BOC, but I guarantee you there is no other site like it. No where else can you find 99% decent people on the site that would go out of their way to help you out with information. People that would give up their fishing holes just to see the look on your face when you catch a big one. People that will let you go on their boat and give you their bait just to see you land a big one.

    I have had my problems in the past as well, I was young and dumb. Quick to strike at the tongue. If I got pissed then I said what I thought. But, when ya sit down and think about it, it is all in the best interest of everyone. Paul is not trying to make ya mad, just help the community as a whole.

    God Bless ya Paul, Mods, and A Team. Everyone that keeps this site up and running.

    Sorry if you are an unhappy member, but if you are unhappy here then you will never be happy anywhere!!
  20. Cattledogz

    Cattledogz Active Member

    Awesome post Tea! Very true my friend.