Apalachicola River

Discussion in 'LOCAL FLORIDA TALK' started by villaitefla, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. villaitefla

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    Hey Guys,
    FWC reckon that Flatheads can be caught below the Jim Woodruff Dam on Lake Seminole ..... !!!
    Has anybody ever fishhed there?
    I know it's supposed to be a great area for Carp fishing, and Hybrid Striped Bass.
    Any information on that area would be great, as I'm thinking of taking a trip up there to see what it's like.
    I'll be fishing from the shore ..... no boat :sad2: ...... yet !?!? :smile2:
    I've been looking on Terraserver, and the river is 300+yds wide at that point, so location - location - location - is, as always, the key ???
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    Panama City Beach,Fl.
    villa what i have "read" so far is flathead fishing is BEST right below the dam...so you should do good....but being on the shore i dont know.. i would say you need to a boat to get the bigguns.