Anywhere around Lake Wateree to buy shad..

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    I haven't been able to catch shad at the Wateree dam for a quite a while now, and was wondering if anyone knew where I can get some (to purchase or catch myself) in the area? I don't have a boat so hunting them down is not an option. Back in April and May it was fool proof, now not so much. Once it started getting hot they vanished. I would guess they headed back to the cooler waters of the lake (Marion), but don't know. This is my first year catfishing and all I can say is lesson learned. I read all the bad things about freezing, but frozen shad has to be better then no shad. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    i can help you frist do you have a cast net if so go to any part of shoreline in the camp site or where ever you see ripples in the water there is a cove buy a bridge next to a store where there is a millon shad go there walk out as far as you can and throw your net you will get shad ive done this and in one cast got over 100 shad my pb any qustions just reply from the daredevle:cool2: