Anyone use a Berkley Glowstik?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by tbartek, May 3, 2006.

  1. tbartek

    tbartek New Member Supporting Member

    New Germany, PA
    I just picked up an 8' Berkley glowstik at Gander Mountain to use for night fishing. Has anyone used this and/or had any problems with it?
  2. SubnetZero

    SubnetZero New Member

    Sherman IL
    I've got two I bought off H20Mellon on this board.. I've only gotten to use em 3 times, once an all niter.. I like em quite a bit.. Biggest cat on em so far is little over 5lbs, but dont see any problems with larger fish on em.....

  3. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

    Pennsylvaniacatchaser Well-Known Member

    Sarver, Pa
    I have 3 of the glowstiks. There decent rods but as I have mentioned on several other posts concerning these rods that they have 2 bulbs, one above the handle and one in the middle were the the tip and butt join together. They light up well but the place where you need the light the most is the rod tip and it's not very bright. They need to move the bulb thats located above the handle and put it up at the rod tip and it would be perfect. I end up taping a 6 inch glowstick to the rod tips which defeats the whole purpose of having these rods!
  4. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    IMO they are a decent Channel Cat rod but the about it. For the fish I'm after the glowsticks just don't cut the mustard, Not even close to being tough enough. THe 30lb blue I caught last saturday would have thrashed a glowstick and a thirty is just starting to get big around My part of the country. If 30lbs is top end size for your waters then you might be OK, any bigger and Your setting Yourself up for disapointment. My Wife has one does that tell you anything????
  5. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I used to have one until it broke in half after hooking into a big one.
  6. catseeman

    catseeman New Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I've got two of them Iagree with whats already been said. good gadgit . but have my doubts on really big fish. plan on keeping drag set with in limits. mine are 7' s .I put a small LED light taped to tip of rod. it helps. the one thing i like is no one walks on them in the dark ,when on shore. llet me know how you like it.