Anyone that is familiar with Lake Wateree

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  1. harper81

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    Summerville, SC
    Please look at the attachment and tell me if I can bank fish by this bridge. Zooming in on google maps shows some parking spots on the side of the road, but is that for fishing at the bridge or overflow for something else?
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    South Carolina
    That is the Beaver Creek bridge. I'v launched there several times and never noticed anyone fishing from the bridge. There is a club on the other side of the bridge with an area behind it where people camp and fish, not sure if it's private or not. The best areas for bank fishing bridges is on the other side of the lake, the bridges there are very popular and lots of crappie caught around them. Saw a nice 5lb bass caught from the bridge at Dutchmans creek this past week. Do a google search on he bridges on the lugoff/winnsboro side of the lake.