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    I was going through a very old tackle box I have had since I was 6-8 years old and found an old jar of ASAFETIDA resin. I can remember getting some lake water and adding some of this to that and then dipping a 2x2 piece of cloth in it and using it for bait and it worked. I did a little calling around and a couple of places still carry it. Think I might have to try it out now.
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    I found some with my Grandfathers decoys out in the barn in about 1970. He told me he used it for soaking peices of cloth and using for trotline bait. I couldn't open the jar and no one else was brave enough to try. My uncles said that they were the ones that had to make the bait and that was the vilest stuff they could remember.
    A couple of years later I got a pellet gun. I cleaned out all of the old cans and bottles out of the barn for targets. I took them to the gully to shoot. One of them was the asafetida bottle. After pumping to the max I was able to dispatch the bottle. It smelled bad, even from 20 feet away. The preacher came out that Saturday to bird hunt with his two German short hairs. The dogs found the gully and rolled all in the stuff. The preacher couldn't figure out what the smell was, but was very upset. He had to put the dogs in the trunk of his Torino and take back to town. No one else could fiqure it out either. I did my best to keep a straight face and thought I had got away with it. Later my Grandfather took me to the barn and was going to whup me for getting into his stuff. In the end he couldn't. I later heard him laughing with the other farmers at the sale barn telling about the "fancy huntin britches preacher with his expensive dogs stinking up his new car all the way back to town".

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    good story thanks for sharing.
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    let me add that my ganddad would also soak his trotlines in it also he said that it would chum the area like nobodies business.
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    warsaw missouri
    ive never heard of it but it sound like it might be good stuff