anyone know of a website?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by katplayer187, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. katplayer187

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    anyone know of any website that will show the diameter of diffrent lines? i use trilene big cat right now but if i can find a smaller dia i would like to try that out...more lice cap and better casting.

    looking for a line that is 40lbs with a small dia

  2. arkrivercatman

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    You might want to try braided line if you havent already.
    This site lists the diameter for different brands of line.
    Just click on the brand and it will list the test and the diameter.
  3. mrmarkedwards

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    i can tell you this if you want to use 40lb test you're going to have to look at line labled "ultra thin" "magna thin" or "IGFA rated" the reason is that all line manufactorers lie and i'll use big game as an example. you ever notice how one line company claims to be up 50% stronger than the competion? here's how it works big game's label says 10lb test but the line on the spool in 20lb test and they know line "X" does the same thing so they get their real 10lb test and compare it to their 20lb on the 10lb label. then when they claim a new ultrs thin line its really that lb test and appears thinner than say big game. its nicknamed the label lie. now if you're set on using a specific lb test line go by the diameter because all line used in the world is produced at 7 extruding facilities spread around the world. they all use the same sized extruders so for example since 6 of them are overseas they use metric measurements so 12lb test has a diameter of .28mm, 16lb has a diameter of .33, 20lb is .36, and on 50lb is .75 check it out next time you're looking at your line lable. some line companies have resorted to ommiting this from their labels but compare it to any other line and you'll see.
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    If you look at the lines on basspro and cabelas they show the average line diameter
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    You need a braided line. I really like Power Pro, but there are others you can try. I can put 300 yards of 50 lb PP on a Penn Squidder or a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 and not fill the spool. Try it, I think you will like it.
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    I use 65pound test spiderwire braid I believe its the same diameter as 17pound test mono