Anyone know good places near Myrtle Beach?

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  1. Allencat15

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    I have a place in Myrtle Beach, I was wondering if anybody knows where a paylake or anywhere else nearby I could possibly drag in a few cats while on vacation?
  2. rivercatsc

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    South Caro
    Allen if you are only going to be able to bank fish I would reccomened the intercostal waterway I think you fish from the dock behind Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. If you are towing a boat there are some other options.

  3. chrisblue

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    The Bearfoot Landing dock is the best place that I know of to fish off the bank in that area.

    You can catch bream between the dock and the sea wall there.Theres no current right there and the bream are in there pretty heavy.Hook them right on the hook live and throw them out.If you can catch it when the current is shifting (slack) you can thrownet some mullet off the dock and they are good too.The marina right behind the Hooters in North Myrtle beach is a good place to net some menhaden and mullet also.Its a slackwater area and alot of baitfish pile in there at night.How I know so much about the area behind Hooters is beside the point.:smile2:

    Late at night is gone be your best bet off the Bearfoot dock because of the boat traffic during the day.Theres some big flatheads and blues caught there.I've personally caught some hawgs right there.Just make sure youve got your rod tied off because it will get taken from you.

    There was (not sure if they are now) some fishing areas right under the Little River swing bridge that you could check.Thats a real good area too but it will be only blues and at times flounder and other saltwater fish.You would be surprised at the size and fight of some of the blues in that area though.