anyone know anything about the barren river

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  1. o'boro cat hunter

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    around the bowling green area is it a good catfishing spot.Any help would be great. Thanks Aaron
  2. catfisherman_eky3

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    Im from Kentucky im not familiar only river i have been to out west is the kentucky, but they should be some on here that can help ya, ive heard them talk about that river on here before.

  3. catfishsolich

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    kentucky,metcalfe county
    i fish barren river lake tailwaters alot theres alot of nice channels there in the 6 to 8 pound range and tons of smaller ones. some flatheads i saw a guy catch a 15lber last summer. i ve never fished any farther down towards bg though. If your looking for fishing spots i often go to yahoo maps and look at the hybrid maps for roads close to the river then go burn some gas and check them all out. heres a pretty good place i tried on the green river last fall
    its pretty close to bg. A guy told me that the place wherre lock 4 was is a good place to go for channels but i havent rode out there yet to check it out.
  4. Mrquickset

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    I have fished the stretch from Glasgow to Bowling Green. Good catfishin for flatheads and also crappie. There is a boat ramp in Bowling Green...I think it is off of 187 going toward Round Hill. You should be able to access the mouth of it where it feeds into the Green River if you launch there and go North.
    Excellent big cat spot! I landed a 52lb flathead not far from there in the Green River.

    Be careful when the Barren is low...lots of shallow sand bars... in this case, it's best to use a flat bottom or canoe so you can get out of the boat and pull it across the sand bars. This is an excellent time to fish because the holes are holding lots of fish :)