Anyone Know anything about Millwood Lake????

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    Kenai, Ala
    I am going down to my sisters in Ashdown and she lives on Millwood Lake. I had heard it was a pretty good Catfish Lake. I am going to be down there for 2,3, or 4 Days and hope to try fishing it, I guess from the Bank as I am not takin my Boat.

    If you have any Info let me know:

  2. CountryHart

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    It's a fine lake. I use to duck hunt there at cottonshed alot. If ya take a boat becare ful. You can shread a boat if ya get outside of the channel. It's marked with white post. Few alligators in it, but they won't bother ya.:cool2:

  3. poisonpits

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    gene if theres not to much water coming threw the dam you can catch cats,stripers,crappie below the dam.if there dunping to much water threw the dam on the west side ,on the lake side,theres a shallow flat where we have caught lots of small cats.
  4. snoman774

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    hey Gene dont know when your planning on commin down but latley the lake has been way up 5 or 6 ft in the last few weeks but i understand its just about 2 over normal this morning real muddy and they are starting to slow the flow down commin out of the dam so another week or two and it should be back to normal as long as we can keep the storms at bay
    went to the dam last saturday bunch of people there as it was a nice day but very few catching anthing i usally do the best there with just a few gates open and cast right up agaist the dam in the slack water under the closed gates on chicken liver i take some of the wifes black sewing thread to tie it on just wrap it up and break it of no knot. oh and ifin you go to the dam bring plenty of tackle ive lost a fortune down in them rocks
    anyway good luck man

    ps as of 830 am thurs 4/17/08 13 gates (thats all but the sluice gates) open to 4 ft releasing 20645 cfs.shes still moving but not as much as last week
  5. catfisherman_eky3

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    Hey good luck on your fishing trip I hope you catch alot of fish, and have your self a fun time and hopefully the big fish will be biting and you will be able to land some nice cats.