anyone killin' em?

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    i'm talking about i been out prolly a good half dozen times and have barely got the wind wigglin' my poles!!! i'm talkin' i been everywhere between shipman and e st louis.........nothin'!! if we was back in the ol' family would be dead of starvation if it were up to me to bring home the lunkers!!! lol...thank the good Lord for the man....who's catching and what are y'all using...i've used real bloody baits since it's been real cold in the water...i figure if the movement is slow...i gotta entice em a lil.....mainly livers and some homemade dip and dough baits......i know up in shipman at beaver dam the lake is covered in about 4 foot of grass on the bottom.....hell...the bass almost jump on the shoreline they're so active....but the!!!! i just don't get it!!! ca anyone tell i'm getting frustrated?!?!!? lol
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    Only place I have had any luck is Baldwin Lake and that seems really, really slow. The water there is 68* over the weekend, but they are still not real active and sluggish. They are about to start spawning soon.

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    Peru, IL.
    I went out thismorning on the Illinois and fox. Using cut shad I caught a 5lb. channel on the Fox and on the Illinois I caught a 7lb. channel and a 16lb 9oz Flathead which is my PB. It was a great day.:big_smile:
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    I normally don't start using the dipbaits until May or so. I really don't know for a fact but it seems that the colder the water the more the fish want cut baits. I would try some shad, bluegill, shrimp, and maybe even nightcrawlers until the water warms up a bit.