Anyone heard of Linda Colt??

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    Seems this lady was the reason many disgruntled Lowrance users stayed with Lowrance over the years. She recently left Lowrance's customer service department after being harassed by her boss and that has pissed off a lot of people who depended on her going above and beyond to help them for many years and more recently it would seem with the huge amount of units being returned with problems since Lowrance was acquired by Navico.

    This is a post made by her son on a site very recently:

    Wanted to let everyone know that after 21 years, Linda Colt has left Lowrance. She was actually forced out. Linda is my mother and it is in her best interest to quit. A couple of months ago she took some vacation time. She was called by a long time customer who had drove to Lowrance from out of town to get a unit repaired. He was shocked to find that the lobby was closed because mom was off. When mom found out she was mad and took it to her new boss, her new boss did not care and said she thought they should shut down the lobby. Mom was shocked as she had been giving thousands of Lowrance customers service in her lobby for 21 years. She escalated this to her bosses boss. Her bosses boss agreed with mom and disciplined moms new boss. Ever since that day her new boss has tried in every way to get mom out. Including 1) writing her up for working on her personal time. She found out that mom delivered a unit to a customer over the weekend and wrote her up for it. Truth is that mom worked 21 years without lunch breaks or 15 minute breaks, she went in at 5 am and left at 4 am yet she only turned in 40 hours every week. YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS. Last week she had a doctors appt, while she was out a long time customer came by and left a personal thank you card with Moms name on it with some guy named JOSH. Seems JOSH couldnt stand it so he opened the card and found a thank you card and a $50 gift card. Josh turned this in to Moms boss. The next day when mom returned to work, the customer called mom to see if she got her card, she said no that she had no idea what hes talking about, he said he gave it to Josh. So she asked Josh and found out he gave it to her boss. NEXT thing you know mom gets called in and written up for accepting a gift card. Keep in mind, she still to this day has not seen this card, yet she was written up for it. She was told it is illegal for any employee to get gifts from customers, she stated that she never received a gift. Funny thing is the next day, she had to hand deliver a weekends stay at Big Cedar that was given to another employee. Mom would never tell anyone about things like this. BOTTOM LINE, the Navico product is nothing near the quality that Lowrance was and mom takes it personal when she cant help a customer. She was crying every night and her Dr said she failed a stress test, her heart cant take it. Keep her in your prayers and GOOD LUCK to NAVICO..

    This whole episode has prompted emails like this being sent to Lowrance:

    Leif Ottosson, President & CEO of Navico
    Gordon Sprouse Director of Marketing, North America, Navico

    I have been a loyal and mostly pleased Lowrance product user who was about to spend $4,700+ replacing my LCX-111 and LCX-27 units with HDS SI gear. So loyal I have owned 7 units over my life as far back as a 1972 vintage green portable box.
    ..................... this fall I lived through a LCX-25 repair and replacement problem, (Incident 106485, ID W0194770). It took four months for Lowrance to end up offering a tradeup replacement. It took 20 days for the tech service department to just open the return cartoon to see what I was sending in. They diagnosed the problem and I immediately funded a replacement using a credit card, waited three weeks no unit was shipped, called told it will be another three week wait then no unit arrived, called again and told it will be another three week wait then no unit arrived, called again told it will be another three week wait and no unit arrived, called again told it will be another three week wait and no unit arrived. Then I get a paper letter, not an email (a paper letter from a supposedly advanced electronics firm). That letter said I had to produce another $312 replacement funding at this point I called and waited 20 minutes on line just to talk to a human and provided my credit card number, but guess what it will be another three week wait at this point, I'm no longer a three week wait believer, so I asked to talk to customer services. I believe Josh took my call and worked his way through his boss's approval taking another 10-15 minutes and sent me out a replacement LCX-27 (the last one he had of those, lacking sufficient cable conversions to plug into my blue plug boat network). This call lasted almost and hour on your toll free line. Each of the above phone calls had me on hold for 30-45 minutes on your toll free line. PS, Mike is a complete waste of service department credibility and salary. I might add I pleaded for an upgrade to an HDS, and this was an unacceptable concept to all I talked to in your customer services department.

    For your references reading a few website readings will tell you how stupid Navico has let the Lowrance managers become.
    her side of the story:
    www.******* ************

    Read the above replies and what these very significant customers think of Lowrance actions:
    www.*************** ****************

    I have already forewarned folks in South Africa and Australia of the service issues I encountered. www.*************************
    This is how HB employees do customer service, EVEN ON THEIR OWN TIME, read enough and you will see plenty of testimony as to how well HB's service department is performing (less the one week turn arounds on any unit). www.*************
    How stupid has Navico and Lowrance become? All the above websites will see a copies of this email as well.

    I have been sitting the fence trying to decide whether to wait for and buy $4,700 of Lowrance SI replacements for more than a 9 months, or go with HB SI. I have already attended HB presentations and done a demonstration boat ride with HB's top people showing their newest gear and features. Linda Colts firing and not rehiring will be the final act of Lowrance stupidity that will convince me.

    Fix it this week, hire Linda Colt back with a raise and salary loss replacement, make her manager of customer services and tech repair, give her hire and fire rights, fund the business properly or sell it to somebody who will. Get your new units made better so less repairs are needed and stand firmly behind you older units having Linda lead customer services. If you do not fix your issues immediately, I figure by then Lowrance will be long gone away! Email me if you can get the immediately available changes done in the next 45 days, or lose a bad mouthing former Lowrance customer about to spend $4,500 in electronics for at least another 4-5 years time.

    Apparently Lowrance/ Navico have been bombarded by dozens if not hundreds of similar emails

    This has prompted Lowrance to respond:

    Lowrance Valued Customer,

    Customer Service is the top priority for Navico and Linda Colt exemplifies what we want to achieve with our customer support. Linda has been a truly valued member of the Customer Service team and we did not wish to see her resign from Navico. We want to assure you that we have heard all of your inputs, and we appreciate all the passion that you have shown in this matter. We are continuing our discussions with Linda. Thanks for your time.
    Louis Chem

    Seems that the customer still has some power after all...W
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    Thanx W. sounds like they should have canned the boss, but unfortunately too many companies reward loyalty in a like manner. Stay safe and aspire to inspire!!!:flag:

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    winston its ashame that linda went out like that! but i knew it would be long before something good like linda would come to an end!

    i had an issue with one of my units, and couldnt get customer service to react so i was talkin to a buddy that knew linda and gave me her number! and as he said , she hooked me right up! thanks linda!
    now i kept her number to myself for future problems thinkin if everybody had this type of hook up! then she would get so busy that service on her end would stop also! as im holding her contact info as top secret, i start seeing these bass guys broadcasting her name and number all over the different forums, right then is when i knew it would start coming to and end!

    i dont know exactly what her job was, i figured if you had lindas number, that you had a some good down low info. that you should keep to yourself! she could get stuff done in a 24 hr period that lowrance couldnt get done in a month.

    lowrance should really rethink her position! they could deffinently learn good customer service skills from her!
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    I have never dealt with her personally but that is a shame.

    A lot of great companies have gone down due to the ego of the management.
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    Andrews, SC
    I have also dealt with Linda, and she was one of the major assets to Navico's customer service department. It's a crying shame to see her gone. My last episode with customer service was trying to get an update on repairs to one of my units. It took so long to have it returned, and in addition to the lack of information I was able to get from them, they were going through a computer system upgrade, and it just shut them down completely until the system finally got up and running. In the meantime, I got frustrated and went out and bought a Humminbird with sidescan. The first unit had a problem, but HB''s customer service was very prompt to reply (to an email, no less!) and I had my unit replaced without a problem; a new one on the way before I even returned the bad one. That's the kind of service I like to get when I spend my little bit of money.
    I hope Navico will do something to improve their service, and contact methods. I use both brands of sonar, but HB definitely has the edge with service.
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    For those of us who have owned Lowrance units for a long time Linda will be sadly missed, I agree with Steve when I saw her name splashed on the Bass boards I knew that somebody at Lowrance would get the word that her customer service was too good.Ive dealt with Linda a lot of years since about 1994 truthfully they Lowrance should have been taking lessons off of her on how to treat customers after the sale, she was a diamond in the ruff and those type of people are hard to find.

    It's very sad that they treated a 21 year employee that way but that's big business for you, I would really like to see Humminbird pick her up, Lowrance would choke at there business meetings if that happened.

    I don't see her going back to Lowrance as we all know how a company will treat someone when they return especially how the outpouring of support that she got when she left them, Lowrance will lose a ton of business from this move if anything maybe it will open there eyes to how bad there customer service really has been over the years and they just might develop a better training policy on customer service...............Doc
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    I have dealt with Linda for the last 5 yrs. Always went directly to her when dealing with Lawerence. She was one of the best. I too will rethink any future purchases. Thanks to the post and the best of luck to you Linda!!
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    I sure hate to see Linda go, I have used Lowrance for several years now, I wish I wouldn't have pulled the trigger so early on HDs unit now. With Linda being there you had a security blanket, it might be easier to buy another unit than wait for response for repairs.
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    It's sure stirred up a lot of people here in Tulsa where Linda works....even made the paper. The last I heard that Linda was being called in for a meeting with Lowerance. I haven't heard the outcome of it yet. There's a lot of outraged people and Lowarnce is really hearing all the emails and phone calls about this...I imagine she won't be back but like other's have said maybe they will see the errors of thier ways and improve their existing customer service.
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    Man, I hate to hear that. That was one of the reasons I went ahead and bought my HDS-8 and Structurescan. Hope I don't have any trouble with it. Maybe Lowrance can work something out with her. From what I've read, she'll be greatly missed.