Anyone have any luck with Mussels for Catfish?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by willisjj, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. willisjj

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    I read another post recently where mussels were mentioned as bait. I fished Lake Eufaula yesterday, using Danny King Blood and chicken livers. Anyway, the small ones were biting all day long, mostly on the livers, but they were hitting the DK also. Well, we went through 2 tubs of livers which is all we brought with us and as the kids were making a pile of mussels next to us, I decided to pry open a couple and try it out.

    My wife had one pole rigged up with a smaller size (size 3) circle hook, so I cut one of the mussels in half and she stuck it on her hook. She did get a few hits but was unable to hook into anything on it. On one of my poles I was using a size 5/0 or 6/0 circle (can't remember which), so I pried open another mussel, bigger this time and put the whole thing on my hook. I cast that thing out there and hadn't even thought about it swimming around, lol, but the next thing I know, my line had traveled clear over to the right and my wife tried to blame me for throwing over all her lines, lol. I apologized and figured I must be losing my mind or not paying attention, when I looked up and my line was all the way over to the left, lol. Thats when it hit me that that mussel must be swimming around looking for a hiding place and I didn't have a heavy enough sinker on to keep it still. Anyway, I had never used these for bait, but I am sure they would be great, especially live. I would have done better if I could have gotten out into the deeper water which we were unable to do from where we were on the bank. That thing was strong enough to "click" my baitclicker a couple of notches every few minutes, but I never had a hit on it.

    All we caught were very small ones all day, although we did take 3 of the "bigger" small ones home along with a stringer full of bluegill, which was enough (along with some hushpuppies) for a fish dinner last night. Didn't mean to drag this post out so long, but just wanted to hear if you have done any good with these mussels as they are free and for some reason I have never used them before.
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    mussels are great but ive rarely ever used them. here in ohio its illegal to posses them, even the dead one's shells are illegal to have.

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    The zebra mussels are illegal here (as in most places I think), but these are just the regular run of the mill brown mussels and I haven't found anything in the regs that even mentions them, so I think we are ok using them here in Oklahoma.
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    Mussels or clams.I used to collect,shuck,use and sell them for cat bait in the 50,s,Ballards Landing,Santee S.C.peewee-williams
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    Wilton Iowa
    used them here a while back, was fishing over nite put it on a hook let it set, took a nap until i heard a splash... looked around darn fish pole just went in water... needless to say we stayed in that spot continued to fish, about 5 hours later i managed to catch the line of that pole reeled it in and wouldn't you know it there was a 7 lb blue cat on the end of that piece of muscle.. lucky me i got to keep my rod and the fish..
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    I was a commercial mussel harvester for about three years and mussels make great bait, the only thing is you have to let them spoil. I would put them in a plastic bag in the sun for about three days and p u !It is one of the worst smells on earth! The catfish love it but I can't stand it long enough to bait my hook. The smell sticks to you and is very hard to wash off.If they are fresh they are only so-so. No fish is worth that much to me. Well OK maybe a 100 pounder but what are my chances?
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    Andrews, SC
    The mussels here at Santee Cooper make good bait, as PeeWee mentioned. I sometimes gather what I can if they are floating on the surface, shuck em and stick 2 or 3 on a hook. It's not my primary bait, but I use them when I can get them pretty easily. Most of the cats we catch will have their bellies full of empty mussel shells.
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    Thanks for all the input. I will continue using them and see how my luck goes. One fishing trip just won't tell you how a bait works so I will keep at it.
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    I catch a good bit of channel cats on mussels. I know they are some big ones at Santee but I don't get in the water there to find them. The gators are to big so the mussel aren't worth loosing my life over.