Anyone have any earth anchors or drowning wires?

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by channelcat_tracker, Nov 15, 2006.

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    anyone have any earth anchors or drowning wires that they are not using because i want some for my muskrat and coon traps. i only have 12 drowning wires for 20 of my muskrat traps. (i found a deal from a farmer who sold me about 17 traps) and only 5 earth anchors. so if i could buy a drowning wire for about a buck to a buck and a quarter a piece that would be great! just pm me!
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    Tony, you need to go to Minnesota Trapline Products and look at the home page. You are thinking that you may get a deal from someone here, but what you really need to do is invest in your own equipment. Minnesota takes care good care of there customers.

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    east central indiana
    i was in the same delima u are in but eventually i wanna switch to earth anchors but i talked to a guy that used to trap(and he is into EVERYTHING)so i asked him if he had any rebar and he said yea and come to find out he had the right stuff to make the rings on the end of the trap chain for conibear traps....

    but we welded 2 washers(a small one and a big one) to the end of the rebar and this is what im anchoring my traps with this year yea there heavy but ill have to just deal wit it lol :)

    good luck....

    is this your first year trapping.....

    this is mine lol or this will be
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    yea this is my first time trapping.
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    SE Iowa
    A drowning wire is just a length of wire stretched to deep water.
    it has a one way lock that is easy to make.
    Here is how.
    Find a few washers.
    Drill 2 holes slightly larger than your trap wire in the center of the flat portion of the washer opposite each other.
    Bend the washer 90 degrees in the center between the drilled holes.
    Wire your trap to one of the holes. Run a length of trap wire to deep water and secure it.
    run the wire through the other hole you drilled making sure the trap end of the washer is toward deep water.
    wire the other end to a stake next to your set.
    the washer will easily slide down the wire but cannot easily slide back up the wire.
    PS drowning wire locks are also known as snare locks.You can buy them at any trapping supply dealer.
    I've never used earth anchors.
    If you are talking about the things that are arrowhead shaped with a length of cable that you drive into the grond why don't you just bury a rock?
    I always found stakes easier to use.
    Those earth anchors like I mentioned are there till they rot.unless you take the time to dig them up.
    best of luck
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    You could probably just make some earth anchors, I used to have a buddy that did that. But it would probably be easier to buy them.