Anyone good at scouting lake maps??

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by motodragon2003, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. motodragon2003

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    I just found a website to download the maps to the lakes I fish but I know very little as far as scouting the map. Anyone capable of lending a hand if I can send them a bitmap of the lake?
  2. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Josh, What lake are you targeting and what kind of map is it topographical? If it is topographical (has all the elevations of the underwater) then it isn't to complicated to locate good spots for cats. Personally I like to fish the larger depth changes for cats. You can locate these ledges with extreme depth change, by finding the spots on the map that the elevation lines are extremely close together or right on top of each other. other fish such as crappie and such can also be caught near some of these ledges. Some of the most productive depth changes are found closer to shallow water and other structure such as standing timber. Vern

  3. uptoolate

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    Canyon Lake, Texas
    If you are using it for navigation, I'd recommend using GoogleEarth to locate the ramp, then study the coast and you eill have a solid idea of where you are. Just don't go too far at first. At least not at night. That's a great way to get lost. Also, use a compass to tell you which way you're facing. You never know, you could get spun around by messing with something in your boat, especially the map.
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    If you dont have access to a map there is one thing you can do using no gear except your eyes, and some intuition. Alot of lakes, atleast in Texas(all but 1) are man made. This usually makes it easy to visualize where the main channel runs through the lake. Channels are known as a hotspot for blues. Not exact science but its a good way to start your fishing if oyu dont have a map.